Monday, September 28, 2015

September FHEs

Chris had to leave again for a short conference to Dayton Ohio. Its so easy for me to skip things like Family Home Evening or family scripture study when he's gone, because he usually takes a large role in getting those things to happen. But this time, I did great and carried on without him. We made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows for FHE. 

Whenever Daddy is gone the kids always ask for special things 'because daddy is gone.' Like, "Can we buy these cupcakes to be special treats for our lunches because Daddy is gone?" or "Can we get ice cream after school because Daddy is gone?" "Can we get screen time without doing our 5 min job or homework because Daddy is gone?" "Can we stay up a little bit late because Daddy is gone?"  and on and on...  I don't know where they get that. .... but I used Chris' absence as a reason to buy Biscuit Lady biscuits...8 of them!

Here's a picture of Chris at his conference. He looks so handsome.

We took a break from our Lets-try-and-fix-all-our-sibling-fighting-with-deep-doctrine-Family-Home-Evening-lessons and had a 'fun' one instead. We packed up the golf clubs and went to the golf course for some driving range and putting time. Unfortunately the driving range was closed, but the kids hardly even noticed as they had the entire putting green to themselves. 

Freddy used a club for the first 2 minutes then dropped the cumbersome weight and just hucked the balls across the green. 

Another family activity involved composing and practicing this poem for Chris' grandma's 90th birthday! They are having a big party for her in UT but we couldn't make the drive in the middle of a work/school week. We enjoyed FaceTiming with her to recite it 'in person.' 

And why not. I'll post this next picture as evidence that Chris still has it! I've heard him talk about some competition he won at some church or school activity while they lived in Switzerland by being able to balance on a ball for as long as he wanted. 

Freddy just tears about my bathroom anytime I have to use it, or shower, or get dressed or do my hair or put on makeup. He loves to eat Chris' deodorant, hide mine, put on all my necklaces, drench himself in window cleaner, eat toothpaste, kidnap Chris retainer, and play with some powder bronzer-stuff. Crazy kid. This pretty much means I'm getting good at speed showers, often don't wear makeup and almost never do more with my hair than twist it back into a low wet bun. 

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