Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall field trips and normal fun

The kids have all enjoyed some field trips, but Charlie is the lucky dog who has gotten to go on LOTS of them, one even chaperoned by myself! My first field trip with Charlie. We rode the bus together and watched the MSU play, "Pinocchio." It was alright, but it was lots of fun to have some time with my Charlie. He's so lovey and wanted to hold my hand, or walk with his arm around my waist or curl up on my shoulder. What an adorable kid. 

His awesome teacher, Ms. Black takes pictures of him and sometimes sends them to me. Here he got to hold and turn on and off the fireman's hose and after that is a picture of him acting as 'Punctuation Police" in class. 

Frederick is almost pedaling. He's big enough to reach the pedals but hasn't quite caught on to the motion yet. He LOOOOOVES outside time.  All the kids know if they are trying to get his attention and he's not giving it because he's busy enjoying whatever it is he's doing, all they have to do is say, "Freddy, want to go outside?" and Frederick will drop everything and everyone and run to the door. Alec teases him with it all the time. He loves to shoot hoops, ride his fly bike, kick balls and throw frisbees. 

This is his I-hear-something face. He locks into any new sound and stares off into space, sometimes putting a hand on his cheek by his ear to hear better. Usually its a plane, or a bird, or a dog he hears. He's easily scared by strange loud noises, like the vacuum, garbage truck, or a worker using a drill, or even a strange bird call in a tree nearby. 

I've been running with my friend Audra lately on Tues and Thursdays and for the most part Freddy has been an awesome running partner. I'm getting a good full body workout pushing this kid up hills and he rarely makes a sound...only if he hears a dog or a plane. 

Freddy. Loves. Popcorn.

In other random, normal fun I've taken the kids to the park twice in the last two weeks after school on Friday (the day there isn't mountains of homework to do, or dinner to make (Pizza night!) or lunches to prep. They're all getting so big, but Gwendolyn has really taken the cake on that point. She's really lengthening out and losing any toddler chubs. I love toddler chubs. 

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