Monday, October 5, 2015

General conference!!

We love General Conference at our house. The kids love to play BINGO with the words speakers say, color pictures, take notes and listen quietly to earn "Conference Cash" and then buy treats with them.  Chris had a last minute Elders Quorum service project helping a lady from our church move at 9:00am. I had most everything ready (or so I thought) the night before and yet still seemed to be running around frantic trying to get the tables and chairs set up, and at the last minute I had technical difficulties getting our TV to work. (It just turned off every 5 minutes or so and I would have to wait for the internet to connect and type in the web address and click on all the links to get it full screen) After doing this 4 or 5 times I tried to get my little laptop connected and so I didn't catch much of the first couple of talks. Luckily Chris came home and saved the day with his laptop and we didn't seem to have any problems after that. 

The first session, the kids did noticeably better than any General Conference session before. In the past, they've lasted for maybe 1/2 of each session taking notes, listening and coloring and then they end up leaving to go play somewhere else... but they really seemed to be engaged(ish) for the entire first session and even a large part of the 2nd Saturday session. We had the sister missionaries come over for the second session and Freddy (who was asleep for the first one) was super content to just sit with Chris in the bean bag and eat popcorn for at least 40 minutes.... which is an eternity for a 22 month old. 

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