Sunday, November 29, 2015

Many reasons to give thanks!

The week before Thanksgiving all the kids got sick. Charlie started throwing up on our drive back home from Memphis picking Freddy and I up from the airport. Then Freddy got it and threw up all over my at the end of church. Then Alec got it and stayed home from school for 3 days. Then Gwen got it and finally I got it. Two days before we were supposed to leave for Thanksgiving, I threw up 8 times and thought I was going to die. I have new found appreciation for Christ's atonement and for what Chris went through during all his chemo treatments and stem cell transplant. We postponed our departure for a day and a half and left right after school the Friday before Thanksgiving break. We wanted to make sure we were all healthy and wouldn't be bringing any bugs with us to Thom and Brittany's house in Texas full of cute kids and a 10 day old newborn! 

Baby Bennett was is so pure and perfect. I cried as I held him for the first time. Sheesh, I'm a wreck when it comes to newborns. 

It was really great to overlap with Grandma Dixie and see her for a few days before she left on Sunday. She sure stocked the house and freezer up with yummy food before she left. It ended up being really useful as Thom and Brittany had to take the little Mr. Bennett back to the hospital. He was still losing weight, about an ounce a day! - and had really high/ dangerous jaundice levels. Chris and I held the fort down at their house with our 4 kids and their 3 other kids it was like having 7 kids: an 8yr old, a 7 yr old, twin 5 year olds, a 4yr old, and twin 2 year olds. Freddy and Jane were quite the combination and were SO CUTE playing together. Everyone really behaved pretty well. 

We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at their house in their behalf, for all of Brittany's family. Brittany's mom, "MoMo" was really great and came put the kids to bed for us a couple of nights and took a spell at the house so Chris and I could run some errands and visit Thom and Brittany at the hospital.  The doctors weren't taking any chances and started talking about and preparing for the worst case scenario of Meningitis. But our prayers were answered and all the cultures came back negative and slowly Little Mister started gaining weight and jaundice levels went down. He came home from the hospital the night before Chris and I were leaving town.  Diagnosis? Probably a viral infection that overloaded his little immune system so it couldn't fight off it and jaundice very quickly.  This whole hospital-over-Thanksgiving totally reminded me of the stem cell transplant two years ago. I am thankful beyond words that Chris is recovered and that God granted us this second chance at normal life together. We truly have many reasons to give thanks!

Before Bennett had to go to the hospital and before the rain storm that hung around the whole second half of our trip, we did manage to get out and see some lights at a local mall, and played a fun soccer game at their nearby park. I love Thanksgiving and I love that when its over, it means we get to focus on Christmas! 

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