Sunday, December 27, 2015

Alec's birthday

Alec is the opposite of a greedy, picky birthday boy. He always seems so pleased and happy with even the smallest gestures. I really love seeing him so content with life. We made him french toast with frozen peaches and cream, eggnog and hot wassail.  There are definitely some perks to have a birthday after Christmas and delicious options for drinks for your birthday breakfast is one of them!

Big thanks to Grandma Dixie for helping me think up decorations last minute the night before. 

We had a big party with all of our Archibald AND Betteridge cousins at a fun foam-pit, rock wall, rope swing, trampoline, slack line, ninja warrior, trapeze ...kind of gym place. Alec was in heaven! A perfect spot for our big 9 year old who is a great mix of natural talent, caution, and physical interest. Also, it was a good place to let a bunch (like 22) kids jump, run, and swing around in the middle of winter. 

We all enjoyed watching Mary show us her skills on the silks:

Chris went to get pizza, water bottles and hand sanitizer. Our car battery had been acting up a bunch over the break. We even had a scary moment in the middle of our long drive out to Utah when the car wouldn't start after a bathroom break in the middle of no where New Mexico. As luck would have it, the battery gave out again while Chris was buying the pizza and he was stranded for a bit a few miles away during the party. My trusty brother, Jordan went with jumper cables to save the day. 

Early that morning (but not early enough!) I set out to make Alec's cake and realized we didn't have enough eggs! So I mixed the other ingredients together and sent Chris to the store. I didn't have time to bake the cake before needing to meet people at the gym at 10:00am, so helpful Dixie offered to stay home late and finish the cake. He only requested a vanilla frosted chocolate cake. I did our good ol' Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake recipe and was planning on doing crushed Oreos in the whipped cream frosting, but something went VERY WRONG and the cake didn't rise at all. Like, at all. But it still tasted decent, and just had the texture kind of like brownies. It all got eaten, so I guess no complaints? Alec didn't seem to notice or care ... like I said before. He's such a sweet birthday boy.  

We spent most of our time jumping around that by the time we opened presents we only had like 2 minutes left before needing to be gone so we did them really fast. 

Alec is my good-hearted, sensitive, intelligent, strong-minded, independent, social-loving-but-shy, boy with such an infectious deep laugh. He's always the first to share his special treat with his younger siblings or anyone else. I love watching his sense of humor emerge and his quick mind is a joy to watch develop. He loves to tease his siblings, figure out how things work and build and invent things both physically and conceptually. He's progressing well on the piano and is a wonderful artist! He loves to read books, shoot basketballs, play with his brothers, play puzzler-type computer games and get good grades. Even though he won't admit it and doesn't show it, he still loves kisses from his mama. When I tuck him in bed at night its a wrestling match to give him a kiss on the cheek. Its literally a game he insists we play each time.  He's a natural early riser and the watch he got for Christmas is a definite help on monitoring his early morning waking... now we just need to work on not waking his siblings up! He's making some really good progress on dealing with the strong emotions he feels and I must say he is so brave to be born first. I can totally see him hanging up in Heaven with his siblings and volunteering to go first so the bulk of the mistakes we make as parents are placed on his willing and strong shoulders. He's definitely making Chris and I better people and I'm so grateful for him and we love him so much!


lrbodine said...

What jump facility is this? It looks so fun and perfect for a wide range of ages! Sounds like a great birthday party.

brittney said...

Its called Lowes Extreme Air sports. Its in Provo, UT. It was really fun for adults and kids a like! there was a little under 6 area with a little rectangle trampoline, running trampoline and little foam pits for them, and a little climbing structure... but MOST of it was geared toward teenager/adults.. that with supervision the older kids could have fun with too.