Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bowling, snow play, music night, gingerbread, motorcycle

Although we mostly kept the almighty Google Doc, we had to make adjustments on the meals since we were just adding daily to the MOUNDS of leftovers in the fridge and scaled back on a few things (like Candy Cane making) since some of us weren't feeling well still. We went bowling at BYU:

Played outside in the snow ALOT:

Had lots of good cousin time inside playing board games: Battleship and Sorry were some of the favorites this year. Our little 2 year olds: Freddy and Jane and Cyrus were so cute to watch interact. Mostly they did well, but also loved to pester and tease each other with toys. Here are Jane and Freddy saying cheese for the picture but not actually smiling or even looking at the camera. 

On Christmas Adam, we invited all my Betteridge family (4 siblings + spice and kids, and even my parents and youngest sister, Hailey were in town for Tiff's baby) for a music night of singing favorite carols around the piano. I think its absolute heaven when both sides of our family get together. I was a little self-conscious that all of this was happening because of me but both sides were kind enough to oblige me and after I weaseled out of organizing/leading the songs I really enjoyed making music with people I love. We even sounded good on some parts!

We made gingerbread houses. For maximum enjoyment and minimum whining us moms hot-glued graham crackers together to make little houses and let the kids be involved with the decorating ... each child with his own plastic knife and mini cup of frosting.  After making the first 3 houses big, we realized we'd run out of crackers and had to downscale the rest. We decided the oldest in each family would get a big one, but still had lots of complaints. Alec was really kind and let Charlie have the big one to decorate. I LIVE to witness moments like that. 

Uncle Eddy brought his little motorcycles over on Christmas Eve. He's been fixing them up and it was really fun for the kids and dads to ride on them. Chris' first time driving a motorcycle! I think some little bikes like these would be perfect to drive around our yard back home in MS. 

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