Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Branch Christmas party and hair cuts

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Our branch party was pretty low key but its always nice to gather with friends and eat good food. The kids sang some Christmas songs while eating ice cream cones. :) 

The above picture illustrates how over due Chris and Freddy are for hair cuts (and all the rest of us to be honest... my most recent hair cut was last Christmas!). I've been begging Chris to let me cut his hair for a while now, but he just winces and keeps pulling the "after-two-years-of-baldness-I-just-want-to-enjoy-having-hair-again" card. Come on, the only response to that is, "Well, ok... just let me know when you're ready to cut it." But the time has come, people! He even let me have free reign. I wanted to try a more modern, short sides and long top look. 

The obligatory mid-cut photo of the mullet:

I'm terrible at before and after pictures, I always forget at least one of them! The only 'after' picture I have is one I took two nights ago during family home evening since the long top hair stood straight up after he took off his hat.... only its hard to see in this picture because of our lovely brown walls. Isn't he handsome? *sigh*

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