Friday, October 23, 2015

Cowboy Charlie turns 7!

Happy Happy Birthday, Charlie Dear! My little cowboy, my tender-hearted, persistent, independent, friendly, ambitious, happy-go-lucky boy.  "Everyone loves Charlie" is teacher told me at our last parent-teacher conference.  One little friend at school actually owns some horses (or so I hear) and so Charlie has turned cowboy. He tucks his shirts into his pants, and wears boots everywhere. He wanted a black cowboy hat for his birthday and spend a good 20 minutes on amazon searching for the one that looked just right.  

We started the day off right with breakfast in bed...or I guess it was more of a breakfast on the floor. He's been wanting to either sleep in the Tepee someone gave us for Christmas 2 years ago, or some other made up bed of blankets and pillows on the ground (even though he has a nice new twin bed).  Maybe its a cowboy thing. :) 

We let him open one present before school and he chose to open his cowboy hat. 

Frederick and I brought treats to his class that Charlie picked out at the store the day before: Red velvet little debbie snacks. He loves the color red, and he LOVED showing Freddy off in his class. 

It was only a 1/2 day at school because of parent-teacher conferences so we had a little party in the afternoon on his actual day. He took the initiative to make invites himself and hand wrote everything and then gave them away at school. I don't think he thought to put a date, or a time, or an address, but he did write my phone number on them all! We printed off some more for him to hand out and he was giving them away like candy, not really paying attention to the names on them, "Oh well, Jalik wasn't there so I gave it to Drew"   

We did a cowboy themed party and Chris and I turned a cardboard box into a pinata, used some rope to create a lasso-the-cow kind of game, drew a big fat sheriff for a pin-the-star-on-the-sheriff game and gave away cowboy hats. 

His request for a cake this year was "A cowboy and a horse with some cactus, on a vanilla circle cake with a small circle on top" He always comes up with fairly detailed requests. Cute kid. Luckily we could just use a playmobile guy and a little plastic horse, I just needed to make a cowboy hat out of construction paper and Chris printed off some pictures of cactus. 

Grandma Dixie gave him some black cowboy boots. They are the REAL thing. I accidentally told her a size too big, and so they're kind big on him, but he doesn't even notice. He says they fit fine and he literally wears them everywhere school and church.  Oh and last minute I made him a little holster for his dart gun, he can really pull off the look.  We are so grateful that Charlie is part of our family. In stressful moments, he often will just keep to himself in his room. He likes to cuddle at night and read Magic Tree House books. He's so focused on what he wants that if he asks for something and I say no, half the time he'll do it anyway and then looks so surprised and abashed when he gets caught at it later... like he legitimately thought I'd said yes. He can't hardly keep his hands or feet or face away from Frederick at meal times, he loves him so much. He's such a joy in our house. We love him!

Freddy was so cute wearing the cowboy hat, but in typical Freddy-fashion I can't hardly get him to stay still long enough to take a picture: 

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