Friday, November 6, 2015

Freddy and Raclette!

Fredrick is still the apple of everyone's eye. I sometimes wonder when its going to wear off. They still argue over who can get him up in the mornings or up from naps, or who can give him his medicine for his ear infection, etc. Here he is sitting on Alec's lap during one of Alec's eye appointments.

To be fair, he is INCREDIBLY cute when he wakes up from his naps, and he gives the best warm cheek-ed hugs. 

Our Kroger grocery store just got remolded and It. Is. Nice! They give out balloons and lollipops to kids. It makes such a difference going shopping with Frederick. 

His latest trick that I'm not super happy about is his chair maneuvering. He's realized he can move a kitchen chair anywhere in the house and be able to reach things up high. In this picture he's getting into his Halloween candy. But it could easily have been the kitchen sink, or pantry, or piano top or whatever.  He gets into everything! I loves to throw everything! It can be quite the full time job just preventing/cleaning up his craziness.

Here he is helping Charlie do his homework. He is such a little copycat. 

In other big news, we used our updated Kroger grocery store sells Raclette cheese!! So we had to break out our Raclette grill. This tradition came from Chris' family during their 10 month sabbatical to Switzerland when Chris was in 8th grade.  I guess the tradition started from the cowboys who melted cheese on the hot flat rocks by the campfire and then poured it over their food.  We served asparagus, squash, boiled potatoes, sausage, pickled pearl onions, and gherkin pickles. 

Also around this time we watched some kids of our good friends so they could have a little trip away to Florida. So for a few days I had a 12 year old daughter and another 7 year old son! Charlie and Dash were in Heaven and McKenzie was super helpful with Freddy and Gwen.  This is a picture of Chris doing a really great FHE lesson on wearing clothes for a purpose, and how our clothes send messages... trying to help with the questions on Sunday, "why do I have to wear a tie to church?" Have I ever told you that I love parenting with Chris? 

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