Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Great Grandma Woodward in Franklin

After a nice Sunday with baby blessings, we headed up to Franklin, Idaho to spend a night with Grandma Dixie's mom! This is the famed location of the Woodward Thanksgivings that we hear so much about... also this area was the inspiration for that Napoleon Dynamite movie.  Between the bedrooms in the main house and the next door guest house we had PLENTY of bedrooms for us all.  GG Woodward hooked us up with some delicious meals for breakfast lunch and dinner: Turkey, potato casserole, bacon, eggs and pancakes, creamy tomato soup etc.   We divided our time between playing games (kids) and talking (adults) inside and sledding outside.  Then we stopped by the new cage-free chicken coops on the way out of town and saw a new flock of baby chicks! Uncle Dave showed us the coops and gave us some info: 40,000 chicks in this coop. These babies had just been hatched and trucked in just a few hours before we got there. So fun! He even brought a baby chick out and let us hold it. Freddy dropped it and then almost fell on it.. but luckily the chick managed to survive.  We had such a great time learning about the family history behind the chicken farm, the house, the settling of Franklin. We loved looking through old pictures and hearing stories. Really amazing to see all that can come from one man and one woman getting married and having kids. 

The one thing that was missing from this trip was Jess and Ryan. I really really enjoyed talking with Jess during the Christmas break. She is such an awesome person and they are both so fun to be around. I wish we could have seen more of them!

Charlie did AWESOME on this snow board thing. He had no fear and kept trying it over and over again. He just looked like a natural by his second run....knees bent, arms hovering out. Pretty impressive! They also had an adult-sized snowboard that Chris and I tried out. It was harder than I remembered but still fun enough that I wish I knew how to do it better.  

Some of the kids got to go down this SUPER long double hill just over the fence. I pulled Freddy up so I could go down with Alec and he fell asleep by the time we got to the top of the hill! (that was a pretty good workout!). 

This was a cool (copy of a) painting that was gifted to Cecil and his wife at their wedding from a famous artist that had been good friends with the bride's family. Oh man, I remembered so many more details about this story on the day that I read it in that family history book, but now I can't remember. Darn. 

Family pictures in front of the big barn before we left: 

We stopped by our other Great Grandma Archibald's in Ogden on our way down to Provo from Idaho for just a few minutes. In fact, the older kids were throwing tantrums of one kind of another and refused to come in so just Freddy Chris and I got to chat for a bit and drink her Delicious home made sugar free grape juice. 

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