Saturday, October 31, 2015


We had a branch ward trunk-or-treat at our church the week before Halloween. It was a chili cook-off and my friend, Shuniqua and I wanted to enter the chili that we've made before together. She came over earlier in the day to put together the chili. Its fun tasting it every now and then thinking... what is it missing?? some oregano?? We threw some cinnamon in last minute and molasses as our secret ingredients.  Turns out... we won 2nd place!! To be honest, I was really surprised, but totally happy. :) 

Charlie wore his cowboy clothes, Alec was a soccer player, Frederick was a lion, Chris was an old school golfer, I was a pioneer and we painted Shuniqua's face to look like a zombie clown.

We invited some of Gwen's friends from her kindergarten class and two of them came, Ashlynne and a cute little boy Ethan and his parents. 

My friend Elizabeth wore her trek clothes too! We had to take a picture together.

I, along with 3 other moms, helped put on the Fall Party for Gwen's kindergarten class: Ashlynne, Malory and Ethan's moms. We had stations and did little crafts and I made a bean bag toss game and we had treats and yummy food after. Their elementary school wasn't wanting kids to wear their costumes to school but it was red ribbon week and it was "wear-red" day, so it was still fun for the kids to be out of their usual dress code clothes. 

We painted pumpkins on Friday, but then it evolved into carving. I've been trying to follow my mom's mantra of "saying 'yes' whenever I can" and just let the kids have free reign as we waited for Chris to come home and do Friday Night Movie Night. 

Frederick remembered going trunk - or - treating and decided to whine at the trunk for some candy. Sometimes I like to wonder what babies must think about the world...

The finished jack-o-lanterns! This night, Alec decided to be Anakin from Star wars, Charlie was a dragon, Gwen was a pirate princess. And Frederick... I don't know, it looks like he wore an orange shirt (I'm writing this post almost 2 months later! AGK! I hate it when I do that)

Actual Halloween night was rainy, super super rainy. Our neighborhood is not the best neighborhood to go trick-or-treating in since the houses are all 3 acres apart and have super long driveways and are all mostly retired couples. We didn't feel like driving somewhere to use umbrellas to knock on a few doors so we decided to have a carnival type party at home and then trick or treat from every door in our house.  Chris led us in a cupcake walk complete with awesome dance moves, we got out the bean bag game I made for Gwen's party, and did our classic donuts on a string game -- which Frederick without any guidance TOTALLY  caught on to! He is so observant!

Even though it had the possibility to be a super lame Halloween, we had a lot of fun. I especially liked playing off with Chris on the trick-or-treating. He would open one door and use some silly accent while I would hide behind the next door, then I would try to think of a different accent/scenario when the kids came knocking while he ran off behind the next door. One time, he pretended a stuffed animal dog was a real dog and had it barking and trying to get out behind the door. Haha.. He's so funny, I love parenting with him. Between all our bedroom doors, and closet doors, and bathroom doors... it was a lot! So fun. Tiring, but fun. 

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