Monday, December 14, 2015

More haircuts, friend bdays, and secret Santas

I love Freddy's hair long, but it was getting in his eyes a lot and after cutting Chris' and liking it so much I decided to cut Freddy's. I had to do it while he was playing outside because I just mopped my floors and knew Frederick wouldn't sit still anyway. It was fairly difficult and I think I cut it too short up front, but oh well... at least it will last longer that way.  


We had a play date with some of Gwen's friends from her class at school on Friday (which was PJ day at school) to celebrate one of the friend's birthdays since we couldn't make it to her party later that weekend. The weather has been SO WARM for December... hence the short sleeves and flip flops.  I loved how the two friends both said, "wow, you guys have the best playground in your backyard." We're really loving the play space. 

Another bday party for a good friend from Gwen's school. 

I was fasting in December for Alec's and Gwen's relationship. They are really similar and were SUCH good buddies when Gwen was 18 months. I know they love each other and can be really good friends but lately they've taken such a dislike to one another, automatically assume the worst intentions from the other, and just like to tease and pick on each other. It escalates to big displays of anger and hurtful physical blows. But there was one afternoon recently where Alec was in his room for a time out and Gwen was needing to write him an apology letter and they (all on their own) turned it into a beautiful evening. Alec liked the note so much he wanted to write one back on a little door sign he made out of K'nex. Then he wanted to make a gift for Gwen (so I suggested a homemade paper Ariel doll) and he spend the next hour make it for her. She caught on and wanted to draw a poster sized picture of a boy playing soccer for him. They exchanged surprises and Gwen slept with that doll for a week and Alec STILL has that poster hanging up on the walls of his room.  It was such a needed and appreciated reminder that they really do love each other and can get along.  The next day they were back at it with the negativity but that afternoon (and an answer from my fast, I'm sure)  gave me an idea. We could do Secret Santas for each other.. Alec serving Gwen and Gwen serving Alec for a whole week! We kicked it off with a Family Home Evening lesson about why we give gifts, referencing Santa's favorite scripture (Mosiah 2:17) and about giving gifts that don't cost money. Then we "randomly" got our assignments. ;)  We recorded on special papers the service or gifts we gave and put them in a small wrapped up box on the piano. I had Chris, Chris had Charlie, Charlie had me and Alec and Gwen had each other.  Here is a sample of the papers we filled out. 

At the end of the week had a little party were we exchanged an actual (< $5) gifts and read out loud the papers from the week. We didn't include Freddy in this, but he still needed a present to open so we wrapped up a banana for him.  He was happy.

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dixie said...

I love this post. Freddy's hair cut is wonderful, Alec and Gwen will recapture their kindness and affection for each other, life is good, and we miss you.