Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Palooza

We thought we'd experience the famous Pumpkin Palooza in downtown Starkville this year. It was raining pretty hard most of the day but cleared up just a bit just in time for it to start. Along both sides of the street the businesses were handing out candy and there was a little pumpkin patch in the street (not free) and some vendors selling candied apples, and such. Also the Mississippi State cheerleaders were there and did a little performance. It was fun, but pretty small/low key and there were sometimes lines to trick or treat. It was fun, though to run into people we knew and the kids loved seeing everything and getting candy. We had a babysitter lined up so we brought her along to help with crowd control and then let her put the sugared up kids to bed while we went out to eat. Perfect! 

Alec as a construction worker, Gwen is Tinkerbell, Charlie (wearing his 4th costume of the day) is the Green Ninja from Ninjago, and Frederick is Robin Hood.

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