Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tiffany and baby Henry

My sister, Tiffany was expecting her 5th child around Dec. 21st but she's pretty much always gone early but I was hoping that my little nephew would wait to come until after we arrived in Utah so I could be there with Tiffany for the big event. Five hours after we arrived in Provo, I get a text from my sister, Tiffany, saying that she thinks she's starting labor. I was torn between excitement and trepidation because we had literally just laid down in bed to try and sleep for the first time in 48 hours. I snagged a couple of hours in the car during the previous night but I was really tired, and the roads were snowy and Chris was nervous about me driving 45 minutes north in the middle of the snowy night with only a few hours of sleep under my belt.   I told Tiff as much but told her to keep me posted because I still wanted to come, so I fell asleep holding my phone in my hand under my pillow with it on silent (so it wouldn't wake up Freddy, Gwen or Chris). Around 3:00 am, I woke up realizing I hadn't heard from Tiff but feeling like 5 hours of sleep had done me good and I was able to go if needed. No news from Tiff, so I fell back asleep and woke up every hour or so to check my phone. Around 5:00am I get a text from Tiff and my other sister Sarah that they're headed to the hospital! So I snuck out of bed, threw on some clothes and drove as fast as was safe to meet them. I walk into the delivery room and find a talented midwife, a supportive nurse, a still pregnant Tiff on the verge of being ready to push, a calm Todd and a quietly excited Sarah. 10 minutes later little Henry made his appearance! It was sooooo peaceful and beautiful and exciting, and special.  Tiffany was amazing.  

My job was to film a g-rated version on Tiff's phone because her other kids wanted to watch it. I stayed up by Tiff's head and did a pretty good job with my assignment - as long as you ignore the camera shaking a little bit because I was crying. Newborns make me cry. Everytime. It was sooo fascinating and peaceful to watch a  live natural birth and not be the one doing it! I'm so grateful that Sarah made Tiffany text me and that her and Todd were so kind to include us during this personal, special experience.  I love my sisters and my family so much. I'm glad I got this chance to experience what life would be like to live close enough to my family to be involved with these spontaneous (sort of ) life events. 

He's got the chin dimple like our Dad! 

If I'm being totally honest, the whole experience kind of made me feel a little sad about my labors, since I don't think I keep it together as graciously and as quietly as Tiffany does. In general, where Tiffany is concerned, this isn't a new feeling. She really is that amazing, at everything but I still love her and love to be around her.  After I shared these feelings with Chris, he chimed in to say that even if I do make more noise or am less calm, gracious or beautiful (I added that last one in.. he'd never admit to that) that watching me labor is still the most beautiful and amazing thing he's ever seen. He's pretty good at making me feel better (even if it just proves that that just mean he's never seen Tiffany give birth. ;)

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