Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yard work phase 1: bball court and playground

Before we left for Thanksgiving, we had been working with a landscape guy to do a half basketball court and define a playground area and move over the existing playground equipment that came with the house into the new area. They originally were along the back tree line of the woods and totally not visible from anywhere inside the house and pretty much during the winter/spring/fall (pretty much the only times you'd WANT to be outside here in Mississippi) we'd have to cross a muddy swamp to get there.  

When we got back from Texas the cement had been poured and the play area outlined. Then we got hit with tons and tons of rain. It was perfect to check out how the drainage was working. 

(BTW, you can kind of see where the playground used to be in the picture above ...see the yellow slide along the back trees?)

After just 2 more days of work, the playground was moved over and a nice pine mulch put in. Also they moved over the existing old basketball standard for us too. We just have to put a little more cement in over the top and I want to attach some kind of plaque that gives credit for the basketball court to the person who made it all possible: Joel! Chris' awesome, kind and generous old office mate from Canada apparently struck it big when he got hired at a just-about-to-go-public tech company in London. He and Chris met up at a conference sometime later and he said he wanted to give us some money for something we'd need/like. He watched Chris go through the first year of Chemo treatment and I think wanted to help/support him somehow.  At that point, Chris and I just had bought this house and Chris was talking about all the fun projects we were looking forward to doing. Joel loves sports, especially cricket since he's from Australia and him and Chris enjoyed talking about that so when Chris mentioned a basketball court, it seemed a fitting gift! Chris wasn't sure how serious Joel was and obviously didn't push it, but later Joel gmail chatted him asking how much we were thinking the bball court would cost.  Practically the next day, Chris tells me to look into our bank account and it is $10,000 deeper!  We were blown away.  I think we should have some type of ceremony dedicating this court to Joel.  It has already provided almost 24 hours a day entertainment for my kids and we've had it for only 2 days.  The presence of a non-muddy/ fire-ant-hill-free place to play outside will transform our lives here in Mississippi. A million thanks to Joel and his sweet wife for being so generous. 

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dixie said...

I love all these new blog posts. Such great pictures, and wonderful writing, and I miss you all. So glad you're coming so soon! love you.