Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Charlie and Chris do basketball

Charlie wanted to play basketball this year and Chris wanted him to have a good experience and so offered to assistant coach... which turned into being the only coach. :) We had one practice before we left for Christmas and then our first game was a few days after we got home. Its pretty intense here in Starkville! Charlie is the youngest and littlest on his team of 7-9 year old boys. Without have any experience playing an actual basketball game (just shooting hoops - of which he's done a fair amount - doesn't count) made for an interesting first game. ;) Charlie defended like he would on a soccer field... shadowing movements about 4 feet away from the guy he was guarding. Also there are SO MANY rules in a typical basketball game (3 seconds in the key, no backcourt press, traveling, double dribble etc..) and a few ones unique to this age group of the league - on offence the guy with the ball has to wait for all his teammates to cross the half court line before he can cross (in hopes of encouraging teamwork and eliminating a court domination of one good guy who can make a fast break down court and score every time). But, I'm not worried. Chris is a wonderful coach and will figure out how to improve his little team and Charlie is already having fun. Win-win!

I admire Charlie's willingness and eagerness to try new things.  He never seems discouraged, no matter how out-of-his-element he is.  I sometimes catch him dancing down the court, or smiling up at the stands to wave to me, or smiling at his opponent as if to say, "I'm guarding you... isn't this fun!?"  

Me and the other kids watching in the stands. My friend Audra (who's son Dash was playing on the other team) saved the day during our second game when Gwen and Freddy started throwing fits about who gets to sit on my lap with a fun mustache sticker book. 

 BTW - I love watching Chris coach... he is so good with kids, gets really into the games but stays encouraging and he's a natural strategist.  He just looks so handsome standing across the court in his jeans, a button up and his MSU hat... hands going back and forth from his hips or pockets to folded across his chest as he analyses the players and trends. After every game he talks to each of the players individually and/or their parents and compliments them about something. Then he goes ON and ON and ON about the game for the next several hours. :) haha. Cute boy. 

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