Thursday, January 21, 2016

Family fun - golf and skating

At school, Gwen was asked what her family does on Saturdays and while some kids said, "Go shopping with my Nana", or "watch TV" she said, " we work on Saturdays and do lots of jobs." Part of me was happy that maybe, just maybe, my kids are learning to be good workers, and part of me was sad that that's all she thinks we do on Saturdays. The kids actually spend like 95% of their time just playing around the house and if I get 20-30 minutes of work out of them cleaning their bathrooms and rooms and maybe one other job, I count myself quite lucky. Chris and I also usually have our cleaning jobs and a few weekend projects to work on. But Alec has taught me that just playing around the house with toys doesn't count as "something fun." We have to do something ALL together for it to count. Or at least with 1 adult... I guess playing with Mom or Dad is the definition of fun. :)  Anyway, this is a long introduction just to say that we're trying to do something fun as a family on Saturdays.  So when the weather had a slight warm spell two Saturdays ago, we went out to the golfing range.  Freddy caught on quick and loved to hit the balls, but lost interest quick and started throwing balls all over the place. 

I mostly liked watching Chris show us how its done:

Alec broke 2 clubs! He was swinging totally normal and as he swung through the club face just broke off and went sailing out into the range. Although his normal does have a lot of power the breakage is still more a testament of how old the clubs were then of anything else. I think Chris was saying he used those clubs when he was 8 or so. 

Also, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day I took the older kids to the skating rink. The schools had given out free admission tickets to all the kids, so the place was PACKED and despite have 2 free tickets, and only needing to rent 1 pair of skates and 1 triangle push thing, it still cost us $12.  Gwen's skates were not very rolly and so she couldn't go as fast as she would have liked, but it did mean she was comfortable to do a few laps without her triangle push thing. 

Alec was cruisin' on his new roller blades he got for his birthday. 

At home, Charlie usually has his roller blades on from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. He loved racing around to the loud music. He wanted to do the limbo game and lasted pretty long.  Then all the kids were tired and the place was super packed so when they just wanted to stand in their skates and watch some other kid play the arcade games, I knew it was time to go home. :)  

Oh and we've had the duplos out for a few days and I'm always surprised how much fun the big kids have with them. Over the years, we've acquired a nice little bundle of them and it allows the kids to be really creative. Here is a cool 3D cowboy on a horse that Alec made. Charlie made a sweet motor home/trailer that was 5x the size of the little car pulling it..complete with beds and a fireplace and other home essentials. 

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