Friday, December 18, 2015

Frederick turns 2!

Oh, this boy. He's such a joy. A major handful, but such a joy.  He's soooo enthusiastic with life. If he thinks he hears a dog he'll look super serious and start chanting "doggy!" If he spies pictures of one of his siblings on the computer or our phone he'll get really excited and shout their name over and over again, pointing to the screen. One of his favorite games is to run back and forth across the largest room available.. but he can't do this alone, he wants someone to run with him and Gwen is usually a willing partner. He loves to play with cars, marbles, duplos, playdo, shovel dirt, throw balls, wack stuff on the walls, and read books.  (I'm very happy that he's outgrown his love for playing in the toilet, but his fascination continues a little bit as he loves to accompany ME to the bathroom.) When he's hurt he needs to come to Chris or I and babble about what happened for a full minute usually using the words "Bonk or Fall down" before getting a hug or kisses and then he scampers off like nothing happened. Its like he just needs to tell someone about it, maybe even cuddle for a moment. 

He has a soft spot for his Daddy. Just the other day he woke up from his nap and looked around and then shaking his head sadly but matter-of-factly said, "Daddy not here. Daddy not here. Work." Or  if he see Chris' car come down the driveway after work and he practically jumps up and says, "Dayay" (He often drops off the second consonant of his words).  He'll then either run to the door, open it and practically run into Chris' car door as he's trying to get out, or he might instead start saying "Go hide, go hide" as he runs onto the couch and hides under a blanket to 'surprise' Chris when he walks in.  He loves getting super close to our faces as he tells us something about what he wants to do or what he saw. His independent streak is growing as he wants to decide what chair to sit in during meals, or what food to eat (chucking across the room anything that doesn't fit the bill he doesn't want water from the faucet, he wants water from the pitcher on the table so he flings the offending sippy cup over the counter). He's been getting ear infections and colds a lot this winter and while it makes him fussier, he's still up for some good play time and might even snuggle a bit as he's going to bed.  Its hard to not write all day about how much we all love him. (Yes, the kids still occasionally fight about who gets to get him up from naps, but thankfully those battles are happening less and less.) 

This birthday boy got to sit in a car for 27 and 1/2 hours on his birthday.  Sure made giving him his birthday 'breakfast in bed' easy. The kids wanted to do something special for him so they picked out some toy cars at gas station. 

As soon as we arrived in Utah, they all wanted to play outside. This is Freddy's first experience with snow that he remembers. He never complained about wearing all the snow gear except the gloves bothered him at first until he caught on to the fact that snow is cold and then he would bring them to me with icicle fingers wanting me to put them on again. The kids made snow angels since it was too dry for snowballs or snowmen. 

As dusk hit, we all went inside to warm up, open presents and eat cake the Grandma Dixie had made for our Frederick.  He needed no help with the concept of opening presents and as soon as he could peel away the wrapping, he would jump up with excitement "oh!!"  run to the nearest adult and hold up his present, then before they could really respond he would be off running to the next adult showing it off. 

He loves cake and ice cream but probably prefers ice cream.  He got the concept about blowing out candles but didn't quite have aiming down yet so Chris helped him out. 

I tried to get a cute picture of him looking at the camera in front of his came but he could hardly spare a breath for me. I just got the classic, I'm-saying-Cheeese-what-else-do-you-want-from-me face ..sans smile.  I have the HARDEST time getting a clear photo of this kid. He's constantly moving. But no matter, we love him anyway. 

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