Saturday, January 2, 2016

The 28 hour drive home

New Years Eve was mostly spent gathering up our things in Provo and then loading the car. It literally took all day to do this because we had so much stuff to bring back.  I was able to go over to my grandma Hardy's house and pick a few more things to have in memory of her. I found some wonderful holiday decorations and children's toys some of which I remember seeing in her house and playing with as I grew up. Between the things I inherited from my Grandma and our Christmas gifts and some boxes of college stuff that Chris and I left in Provo when we moved to California...we had A LOT to fit in.  For being so squished and driving 28 hours straight... the kids did great! We let them watch more movies then we usually do and I was way more patient with their calls for help than I usually am because we felt so bad for them.  

With all the snow alongside the road (but never, thankfully, ON the road) it was SO BRIGHT and were grateful for sunglasses. Chris figured out this new way to wear them so they don't hurt his nose:

Gwen learned how to braid! 

I solved my first rubix cube! It was actually pretty fun. 

We drove all day and night and most of the next day, pulling into the Walmart parking lot in Starkville around 2:00 pm. We were coming home to an empty kitchen and knowing that neither of us would want to leave the house again or drive the car for as long as possible, we thought it best to grocery shop on our way in town.  Chris wondered where we would put the groceries (I hadn't thought about that) but we just put them on the kids lap. They were watching their 5th movie and hardly seemed to notice! 

Ahhhhhh! Home at last! This is the time when the extra 45 min we took before we left to tidy up really pays off. The first thing we did was build Freddy's birthday present he never saw before we left. He LOVES it. So do the other kids. They'll all pile on it. Gwen sitting in the car, Charlie on top, and Freddy on the tailgate while Alec pushes them around the house. So cute. 

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