Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trouble - naps and timeouts

Oh boy, we've got trouble...with a capital T that stands for two-year-old. Frederick started climbing out of his crib at night and during naps and also on the same day learned how to open doors. So we put away the crib and switched Gwen out of the toddler bunk beds into a big twin bed and gave Freddy the bunkbed, his "big boy bed." He loves it! He loves to lay down in it, and he loves to get out of it and get out of his room.  The first night, I just kept putting him back in bed and spreading his blanket out on him and asked him to stay in his bed. After 3 times he got it and stayed in there. Same thing for his first nap, only it took 6-8 times. Then we were golden for a few nights/naps and it was quite nice. But weekends are hard for naps because he can hear his siblings playing and refused to stay in his room. I dug out our old door child lock thing and put it on, but this little boy cracked that thing in 15 minutes and after a few more attempts could take it off the door in a matter of seconds.  Ahhhhhhh! He's already refusing to sit in his highchair and its making my kitchen even MORE of a disaster every 3-4 hours. 

I refuse to give up nap/quiet time, not just for me, but also because Frederick still NEEDS naps and is so much happier when he gets them. So today, I duct taped on the child lock and its been an hour and he hasn't gotten it off yet! Also big news today was Freddy's first time out.  He took it pretty well. Maybe too well... I'm not sure he realized he was in trouble. :) Oh man. This kid is growing up. 

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JMH12345 said...

Totally got your "Music Man" reference and appreciated it. Also I'm so sorry about the new found freedom little Freddy is having. Not so much freedom for you. That's definitely a hard time when you don't have the power to keep them in the "crib cage" anymore. Good luck.
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