Thursday, February 18, 2016

Normal life - sick kids, temple/Costco trips, scouts, basketball, friends

Its always around this time of year that I think back on when Freddy was just born and Chris finished his stem cell transplant, and then still was in the hospital for 2 weeks and then started radiation.  And I find myself really grateful when we can just deal with normal problems like sick kids.  It started with Charlie this time, he came home from school on Thursday and complained of a sore throat, and felt a little warm to me but he still played with his siblings like normal and slept well. Friday morning he complained even louder about it and wasn't getting ready for school fast enough so I was going to let him stay home as long as he acted sick but then take him to school as soon as he started playing normally (which I assumed would happen in the next hour or two). Sure enough, I was on my way out the door to take him to school after dropping off a package of Trek clothes to the postoffice for Thom and Brittany, when I decided to take his temperature and it was BARELY high. Like 99. I decided to just keep him home all day. Over the weekend he acted totally normal again, except for some red bumps/almost blisters on the soles of his feet. Since he has been wearing his rollerblades constantly at home, I thought it was from that. Then after church I noticed some on his hands and on his face.  Monday morning I took him to the doctors and he confirmed our suspicion: Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Although it is extremely contagious (like the flu or a cold) it is apparently harmless and by the time the spots show up, he's no longer contagious. So I sent him to school the next day and waited for the rest of the kids to get it. A day or so later, Alec and Gwen came home from school with fevers and their first red spots. Alec got over it fast and was back at school after only 1 day home, Gwen took a little longer and had more red spots. Poor Freddy got it THE WORST. He had a fever for a couple of days and got TONS of the red bumps/blisters.  All over his hands/forearms, bum, toes, only a few on his face.  He was overly fussy and needing to be held almost constantly for about a week and I admit by that time my patience was out and cuddling with him on the couch no longer seemed like a fun idea.  The house suffered a lot with my inability to keep it picked up and clean which made me feel even more crazy. But now, as I'm writing this a few weeks later in a freshly tidied house, it seems silly of me to have been bugged so much by it. The wise counsel from Chris' grandma Zelma in one of her letters to me while we lived in Canada comes to mind: "The house work can wait. There will always be time for it later. " 

Because of Alec getting sick he missed his first ever cub scout meeting! But the next week he was early, in uniform and SO excited. I'm so glad that one of the new families in our little branch are scouting buffs and VOLUNTEERED to get cub scouts going because they think its so good for the boys. (And although they have 7 kids ranging from 12 years old - 1 month, none of their kids are cub scout age!) 

Two days in a row we got to pick up our friend from school and play with her until her dad came home from work since her mom and younger siblings went to visit an aging grandpa. We used the excuse to hop over the fence and check out the construction we keep hearing around the pastures and fields out back. I think they're starting to build the road/sidewalks that will become the main southern entrance to campus!  Our friend was brave enough to pet the horses... I think my kids were very impressed.

Other normal happenings include our monthly trip up to the Memphis temple and our nearest Costco. Its a 3 hour drive one way so we try to pack it full of good stuff. I took the kids to the zoo while Chris went through a temple session, then we picked him up and went to Costco. $400 later we drive home, grabbing dinner on the way.

Charlie and Chris are still having fun with basketball. The team is getting better although we've still only won 1 game. But we scored 18 points at our last one and have been playing really good defense... only losing by 1 in our last two games.  I was being cheap and thought I could just take a picture of the team pictures with my phone and save 20 bucks... But... this was as good of a shot as I could get. Cheap Parenting fail. 

Charlie's teacher, Ms. Black has been coming to some of Charlie's games. She is SO sweet. She also occasionally texts me pictures of Charlie doing some cool thing in class.  She is a great teacher, I really like her. 

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