Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pinewood derby

I found out a few weeks ago that apparently the Primary is in charge of the pinewood derby and that it should happen really soon. I worked together with the Scout Committee chairperson, who is in charge of cubscouts, and we put it all together. Neither of us had been in charge of a pinewood derby before although we have each attended a few. All things considered I think it turned out pretty good! We only have 4 cubscouts so we open up the races to anyone from the ward who wants to. We had a good turn out of cars and a good turn out of attendants. The food was a little scarce but with a potluck you never know what to expect. I found some simple, cheap but cute decorations on pinterest using printable racer flags and orange cones.  We also had some games/crafts/snack on the tables that the kids could do/eat while we waited for the races to start. A little road sign scavenger hunt and a raisin box racer craft where you first need to eat the raisins out of a little raisin box then color, cut and glue a covering onto the box to make it look like a race car. These were last minute additions to the event and I'm glad we did them. 


We put Chris in as Master of Ceremonies and he directed the races and figured out how to do the races fairly. We did a smaller more extensive bracket for the cubscouts where they got to race in each lane and take the average of 3 runs per lane... or something like that I think. We had a line of chairs blocking off the track and didn't allow any kids across it for the first bracket. Even though it would make his job a little more challenging, Chris agreed to open up the race area a little bit during the larger everyone-bracket to allow each racer to place his own car on the track and take turns lifting the switch to let the cars go. The kids got even way MORE into the races when we did it this way. I'm glad Malina and I stood up for what we felt was best and I'm glad Chris was flexible enough to yield to our request. 

When the last races were finishing up I started putting away all the tables and everybody pitched in and it went really fast. But then we realized that we forgot to tell the judges that they were supposed to judge the cars and find a "Best Design" and also give a certificate with an award to each participant. (like Most Whale-like car, or 'Flattest car' etc..) So while the judges did that our awesome, newly postpartum Scout Committe chair person played 'Duck Duck Goose" with all the kids. It was quite awe-inspiring and entertaining to watch her run around with her 2 month old BIG baby wrapped to her chest. 

Charlie won 3rd place overall!! and got awarded the Most Valuable... I think because he had the highest amount of coins hot glued to his car to act as weights?  The prize baskets were put together by one of my counselors and was a Movie Night basket with a redbox coupon, bag of popcorn a little pull-back car and the top 3 prizes had a Movie Theater sized box of candy. 

Another cub scout won 1st place overall, so we gave the Fastest Cub Scout award to the next fastest cub scout which happened to be Alec! His other award was "Largest Mammal" or something like that because it kind of looked like a whale. 

Here are many of my primary kids and their cars. I love these kids like my own extended family. Our little branch sure feels like a large family sometimes. Great people. 

My first primary sponsored Branch Activity and I think it turned out pretty good! I'm grateful for all the help and I'm glad its over. 

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