Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's - Fairy Tale Ball, Delightful Sabbaths

Every year the kindergarten classes at Sudduth Elementary have a Fairy Tale Ball. They've been studying fairy tales in class and on the Friday closest to valentines day they dress up and have a Ball. Parents are invited and Gwen wanted Chris to dress up fancy and dance with her. She was excited to wear her fancy Sunday dress "high heel shoes" and a special necklace. 

 After the dance there was a valentines party in their classroom and Freddy and I went to help. The kids recited a fairy-tale themed song to tune of Jingle Bells. 

Then later that night our branch hosted a family Valentines dance and 'drop and swap'.  I danced the night away - mostly with the kids since Frederick was in shy mode and wanted me to hold him the entire time. Turns out dancing with a 2 year old on your hip is a great work out.  I did get to slow dance with Chris once (with Frederick sandwiched in between us). I love that guy. 

The next day was a youth baptism trip, so Chris was up at 4:30am to carpool and drive youth up to Memphis, meanwhile I had Stake Auxiliary training since I've recently been called as the Primary President. Gratefully there was child care provided since I had all the kids with me. My friend Audra and her son drove up to Tupelo with us for the training and we took advantage of the shopping there for a few hours before heading home. I'm trying to get my house looking like we actually live in it and plan to stay for more than a year (you know,.. putting pictures on the walls, getting curtains up, thinking about owning an end table or lamp etc..)  I was exhausted by the time we got home at dinner time (home decor is NOT a strength of mine and takes up TONS of mental power... and shopping and my kids don't mix well either). Chris had the house clean and  planned on putting the kids to bed while I went and got our typical Valentines Day cuisine as take-out: Indian food. I brought it home and we ate it sitting on our beanbag while we watched a documentary about Indian-style dating called "Meet the Patels" Good food, fun movie, snuggling with Chris on our bean bag at home = awesome valentine date. 

Sunday we made a special desert to celebrate as a family. We've started some new traditions in an effort to make our Sabbath a delight. It starts on Saturday - baths/showers for the kids, assembling church bags etc. and getting to bed early, and simpler planned-ahead Sunday dinners (usually crock pot since we've got extra extra long days at church 7:00 Branch Presidency Meetings for Chris, 7:45 Branch Council for both Chris and I, 9:00-12:00 church, then Branch choir directly after until 1:30 or so). We've also stopped trying to take Sunday naps and instead try to give the kids a quiet/book reading time and then do some kind of family activity which today was carving soap (inspired by Alec's recent cub scout adventure), and then we close out the day by eating something sweet while Chris reads a book aloud.. we've started the Chronicles of Narnia.. one of Chris' favorite series. Some days its wonderful, and some Sundays are still very challenging, but I'm getting better at looking forward to them. Sacrament meetings are still hard.. with Chris on the stand, Its just me and the kids. Freddy is SUCH a handful. I usually have to go out with him 3 or 4 times, and just hope the other kids aren't killing each other.  I'm debating banning all toys and all snacks and getting the kids to just learn the skill of sitting quietly... but I'm scared to start that endeavor without my co pilot next to me. Then Primary is busy and if my sharing time went well, I feel great (!) and if it didn't go well, I feel stressed and sad. I like this quote I read out of President Hunter's teachings manual.."Peace was on the lips and in the heart of the Savior no matter how fiercely the tempest was raging." I'm trying to remember that and still radiate Christ's love and peace throughout Primary. 

Our home-boy Valentine. The boys are trying to teach him to say "Peace! man" while making the backwards peace sign. 


Katie B. said...

Yeah, goodness. Sacrament Meetings can be tough. At my last one, I was trying to nurse Dylan while Isaac (2) pulled my hair. We're trying to figure out strategies, too. But I love all your ideas for having a simple and peaceful Sabbath. Thanks!

dixie said...

The picture of Gwen and Chris all dressed up just made me cry--so cute! Good luck with Sundays. With young kids, I always found it a pretty stressful day. I know you will figure it out--such wonderful ideas and good support. Love you.