Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Charlie basketball

Charlie's basketball season ended! Chris did a great job coaching, and Charlie worked so hard and had a good time. Towards the end of the season we had a really good win where the boys scored more than 20 points! That earned them a pizza party at our house. We won our first game in the tournament against a team that we had lost to previously, then we lost to the 1st place team in the second round. The boys improved, as a team and individually so much.. especially the ones who came to the weekly practices on top of the weekly games. Charlie caught some passes and had an awesome assist, (I think?) and even tried for a shot or two during the last few games. He's by far the youngest player on the court and learning basketball for the first time, he did amazing. I'm so proud of his happy, eager, team-player spirit. 

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