Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Climbing trees and Freddy snuggles

There is this big tree in our front yard that my boys love to try and climb.  They must have quiet a bit of Chris' cautious side in them because they remember to put on helmets and work gloves all on their own...even put some on Freddy who would not actually be leaving the ground.  The after-school-treat of popcorn is a big magnet to stay grounded for that little "caw-coin"-loving cutie. 

Another fun thing about this time of year is the HUGE flocks of birds that come around.   This picture doesn't do it justice. The flock is SO BIG and SO LOUD that we can hear them quite noticeably from inside even if all the doors and windows are closed. We hear this loud squabbling and the thunderous flutter of their probably thousands of wings.  Its pretty awesome. 

We all love to snuggle Freddy, the kids still fight over who is playing with him. I wonder if/when that will ever wear off... I'm thinking its not too far down the road. 

Alec likes to teach him how to be 'cool.'

Charlie insists Freddy loves Polar Bears just like him. (Another think I like about this picture is that it almost captures Freddy's side-eye-roll. He does it when he's trying to be silly and he makes a goofy face then without moving his head looks way over and up to the side, then looks back at you. I don't know why, but I think its so adorable.) 

Gwen has been obsessed with reading and spelling lately and turns out Frederick can sit next to hear and listen to her read a Dick and Jane book for forever. Yesterday Gwen was even spelling out what she wanted to say to me instead of just saying it. "M-O-M... L-E-T-apostrophe-S ...E-A-T" 

At the busiest/fussiest moments (usually right before lunch or dinner) Freddy will grab his blanket come to me, lean against my legs and with outstretched arms say, "Ah  cuh-wull"  Translation - I want to cuddle.   I'm starting to half cringe when he says this because although a small part of me wants to believe that he actually means he wants to sit on the couch and cuddle with me under a blanket, the experienced part of me realizes he wants to play this doggie-fetch-balls game we played once a few weeks ago and now he wants to play it every day at 11:00am and 5:00pm. After we gather all the big soft balls in the house we do get to cuddle on the couch or beanbag for approximately .5 of a second before he wiggles free and throws the ball as hard as he can around the room after which we both crawl on our hands and knees to bring the balls back to the couch/beanbag and we start it again. and again. and again.  I guess we gotta take the cuddles where we can get them. :) 

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