Sunday, March 27, 2016


I love my church's Easter hashtag this year, #hallelujah. The video that went along with it struck a chord with me. With all the many ways that I fail as a mom, a wife, a friend, as a Christian... I really do feel like shouting Hallelujah for forgiveness!! Hallelujah for carried sorrows, for inner peace, for fresh starts!! Life would be TERRIBLE without all of that and I really do know from experience that Jesus Christ's atonement is the source of that power. He made possible God's gift to us of transformation. From sorrow to peace, from guilt to hope, broken to strong, and death to life.  So seriously, the chorus from Handel's Messiah is spot on and I feel like singing "Haaaaaaallelujah! Haaaaaaaaallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Halleeeeelujah!" 

We talked on Monday about Palm Sunday, and acted it out for family home evening, then.... the school/work week got busy and we weren't able to do anything else until our branch put on a Good Friday musical evening. The kids sang 2 songs with the primary (led by me, which I was pretty nervous about for some reason), then I had a solo, "Pass it on" and among lots of other great musical numbers Chris and I (and Freddy) sang in the branch choir.  

Then on Saturday we talked about why eggs are a symbol of Easter while we dyed eggs in preparation for our egg roll the next day. Our good friends the Gines came over for a late lunch and egg hunt. 

Freddy was super cute as he found each egg. I think around his 5th egg, he realized there was candy in them because one broke open. He got even more excited and shouted, "can-ey!" He wanted to stop hunting right then and just devour his sweets. 

The rest of the kids were fairly committed to completing the search for the golden egg that's filled with money but despite almost all of the kids walking within 2 feet of it, Freddy picked up the golden egg! 

Saturday night was the Women's broadcast and it was VERY good. I loved the multi generational - multi racial choir. They were dressed in white and portrayed a sense of unity among God's daughters across the whole world and all of the talks were about service and reaching out to help the refugees across the world. It lasted for about an hour and a half then I came home and Chris and I tried to get ready for Easter Sunday. 
For the kids baskets this year we tried a new thing because Alec requested it. So late Saturday night (and I'm talking WAY late because I was needing to plan Singing and Sharing time, and Chris had some Journal paper submissions to work on) we hid the kids' baskets around the house and tied string from their bedside tables, around the house and finally leading to their hidden basket.

Sunday, Chris's meetings were later than normal so we had time to bring all the kids into our bed and retell the events of the first Easter using pictures.  Since our Friday night movie a few days before was The BBC old school version of Chronicles of Narnia (we just finished reading the book as a family) Charlie kept interrupting our Easter story with "Just like Aslan!" "Yeah, because Aslan loved Edmond!" etc. Then they excitedly followed their strings to their baskets.  The kids sometimes got frustrated with how slow they had to walk b/c of difficulty winding up their string and the crossed strings easily got tangled up. I'm not sure we'll repeat this, but it was fun to try something new.

Church was good. We were holding a branch fast on behalf of one of our congregation and our shared testimonies brought such a nice spirit into the chapel. We had been invited over to a friend's house for lunch and egg hunt right after church and despite feeling like we didn't have much time, I really wanted some family pictures so we set up the camera on top of a stool on top of a chair and took the following. I'm so glad I pushed for this. It didn't take long, and the kids didn't complain too much and I LOVE seeing pictures of our family together.  

Lunch was delicious the egg hunt was fun and before long we realized we had been at our friends house  for more than a few hours! Our kids and their kids get a long so well.  Its nice to have friends with whom we can share the holidays! 

Our egg roll ended up being only 2 eggs each (when Frederick helped dye the eggs... we lost about 5 of them). Chris made up a bracket and away we went.

Charlie is the winner, twice over since both of his eggs never cracked! (Although 2 of his 3 matches ended early because his opponent Freddy chucked his egg instead of rolled it and sp of course it cracked... leaving Charlie winner by default)

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Why are the eggs a symbol of easter?