Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cute Freddy and spring weather love

Frederick loves his blanket and prefers to have it with him a lot of the time. Mostly I make him leave it in the house but sometimes I let him have it outside. Sometimes we even bring it to church. I'm fairly inconsistent with it and I know thats frowned upon. I guess I'm guilty of the whole 'leniency with the youngest child' thing, which I never wanted to do. But for now it just seems like its really not a big deal... I have to save my energy for other battles. 

Recently the kids thought it would be funny to dress up in opposite gender clothes. So Alec came down wearing one of Gwen's princess costumes, Gwen was in some of Charlie's school clothes and Freddy had on a princess dress. Charlie was wearing some super-hero costume... as always. For the next week or two Frederick LOVES to wear that "pin-cess" dress. I got some pictures of him dancing for baby Adalynne in it - which she loved. If Frederick is in the room, she HAS to be looking at him and will stay facing the same direction if he moves out of her line of sight, until he moves back into it. So cute.

With all the kids preferring to ride the bike just up from theirs (Charlie likes Alec's and Gwen likes Charlie's) we thought we'd try out Freddy on the balance bike. He likes it and does it pretty well....mostly just walking along but I'm sure it won't be too much longer before he's pushing off the ground with both feet. 

The weather has been GORGEOUS recently. When we come home from school most days this week we won't even make it inside the house until dinner time. The kids have really enjoyed swinging on the rope swing and putting out cones and making a baseball diamond and playing t-ball, or baseball all together. We are soooo grateful for our new playground/bball court/yard set up.  This is the perfect time of year for Mississippi... the bugs aren't out and its not super humid or hot yet.  We even come back out after dinner and let the kids stay up later than bedtime to watch the clouds and play on the playground.

One of the kids (I won't mention any names but it rhymes with Barlie) thought that the line of bare dirt in our beauty-bark bed where the rain comes off the roof needed some grass seeds and planted thousands of seeds there. Welp, his few minutes of fun have really made a mess of weeds/grass where we don't want them. I'm trying to train the kids to enjoy weeding.... so far only Freddy has caught the bug and I'm pretty sure its only because he gets to huck the grass clump into the yard after he pulls it. 

Theres just something about seeing Chris in work boots out in the yard. MmmmmMMm. 

On one of our last days watching baby Adalynn we went for a walk and found a turtle!

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