Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring showers

We've had ALOT of rain this spring which means we've had good chances to find any drainage issues in our backyard. For the most part, our new set up out back is awesome (!!) but we do have one or two places that need attention. With all the rain, our grass is starting to get all green and the flowers are popping up and I can even see blossoms on some trees. I love spring. We've had a few tornado watches and the kids have gotten out of school a few hours early on a couple of days, but most of the bad parts of the storms have gone either just barely NorthWest or SouthEast of us.

In other ways we've been showered with extra cuteness the past month as I've babysat a little 2-3 month old girl Monday-Friday mornings from 8-12 for Chris' coworker's coworker. :) Its been a good trial for time management when I start my preschool up next fall and for us dreaming about a possible baby #5.  Baby Adalynn loves to watch Freddy and he gets  a big kick out of her attention. 

Look at this cute face! She's such a good baby. 


Stephanie said...

Makes me remember when you used to watch my baby :)

Stephanie said...
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