Monday, May 23, 2016

Chris' birthday

Chris woke up early and drove 13 hours on his birthday with a 15 passenger van of students from Florida to home. They all gave him a great birthday present of unloading everything and returning the rental van without him so he could make it home before the kids went to bed.  We made cards for him full of compliments, memories, and service-gifts and the house was decorated to celebrate him and some of his accomplishments.  We're trying to save money for a Disneyland trip next year and decided we'd spend no money on birthdays and just make things or do special things with each other this year. 

My gift to him was to make his favorite meals and clean up dinner and put the kids to bed by myself for 3 days in a row so he could spend that time relaxing however he chose.We had breakfast-in-bed-granola-and yogurt, Beef stroganoff, burritos, teriyaki chicken, grapefruit, mush, etc.  Then on Sunday we ate carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 35 has never looked so handsome.  

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