Tuesday, May 24, 2016

End of the school year!

We got back from Florida in the evening on Thursday and within 2 hours Mom had helped me unload and clean out the car, get the kids to sleep, and started on the laundry. Then we were able to sit on the couch together and watch one show (I introduced Mom to Flashpoint) on Netflix and got to bed at a good time. The next day we got the kids off to school, exercised, and then went to the Elementary School to see Charlie's End of Year Celebration and awards. Charlie got the Fox award for being a clever problem solver. His teacher, Ms. Black has been SO GREAT. We really really like her. Charlie worked hard and did his homework and made really really good grades. 

Then we rushed over to the community Sportsplex to watch the Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony for Gwen and 4  other kindergarten classes. Gwen helped lead the school's pledge and then all the kids sang some songs and walked across the stage. Freddy loved to blow kisses to Gwen and walk across the floor between where we were seated and where Gwen was sitting. One time he made it all the way to her and gave her a kiss and ran back. He's a cutie. 

Gwen has made some really great friends this year and her teachers have both been SO WONDERFUL. Ms. Walls and Ms. Sharon are so loving and sweet with her. Ms. Walls was so good to still push Gwen to make LOTS of progress despite having tested above the exit benchmark at the beginning of the year.  She is one intelligent cookie.

It was fun to have Mom with me for a few hours on Friday and it was sad to take her to the airport before the kids got home from school.  I love my mom so much.

Alec's graduation ceremony was 2 school days later on the very last day of school. I almost didn't go to the awards ceremony because I hadn't really heard anything about it just saw an advertisement for it on the corner of some random paper.  Chris and I and Freddy went and it although it took FOREVER, it was fun to see Alec receive some recognition for all his hard work this past year. He got awards for Straight A Honor Roll, meeting his AR (Accelerated Reading) goal every 9 weeks, and received the silver Presidential Award signed by Pres. O'Bama. :) Pretty great.  His teacher, Ms. Craft was nice and Alec enjoyed being in her class.

YAY!!!! We're done with school for a few hot months!!

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