Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Florida trip day 1

Chris would be driving the big 15 passenger rental van filled with students and so Mom and I drove our kids in our van. We were worried about traveling with kids and being a hold-up / inconvenience for Chris and the students so Mom and I left a few hours ahead of Chris and thought maybe we'd end up arriving close to the same time. Last minute, the robot group decided to go a different way (taking a 'short cut' on some country roads...which didn't end up being a short cut at all) and since they stopped for meals we beat them to Orlando by 3ish hours despite stopping at an LDS meetinghouse en route for some of a sacrament meeting and despite taking an hour or so detour/excursion to walk around the grounds of the Orlando Florida Temple.  We had packed all our meals for the day and the kids really are good car travelers so we made good time. 

Good thing Mom and Dad got a separate hotel room for mom and the hotel next door to the one that Chris had a room reserved for him because Chris and the robot team didn't arrive until close to midnight!  The kids and I slept with mom in her room for the first night. 

Chris arrived and unpacked our stuff out of the van and into his hotel room before going to sleep. He's so sweet. The first morning we met Chris, ate breakfast, and despite having issued a no jumping on the bed rule early... Freddy bonked his head on the side table and had a gash on his head. Chris ran to the pharmacy and got some glue-bandage stuff and helped mom and I apply it to Freddy. We knew a day at the sandy beach would not be good for an open head wound. Chris had to leave with the team by 9:00 to get set up at the Kennedy Space Center for their first day of testing.  Mom and I gathered all our stuff and the kids and walked down the path to the beach.  

The older kids were immediately drawn to the water and Freddy just wanted to chase the birds and squeeze the sand. Mom and I figured out how to set up our cool new tent/shade thing and enjoyed the warm breeze and pretty view.  It wasn't the relax-and-close-your-eyes kind of beach experience but it was nice to be outside and to play with the kids. I taught Gwen and the boys how to ride waves and Freddy how to fill up a bucket with water. He was actually afraid of the water. He would stand very apprehensively a few inches into it and feel the water and sand recede under his feet and then see another wave come and then just beg me to hold him as he cried out, "Water coming! Water coming!"  He we very content to just play in the sand up by mom or I in the tent. Especially when we had to fill up some buckets with water to help anchor the tent because the wind picked up pretty good and almost sent it flying a few times!

I could barely get Alec and Charlie out of the water ALL DAY LONG.  Gwen came out to grab some snacks or just sit for a bit and then went right back out there. I did force everyone to come eat some lunch (hard boiled eggs, grapes, apples, pretzels, and cookies) and get a reapplication of sun screen. I did NOT want anyone to get sunburned and I felt I was being pretty strict and careful about it. 

Freddy was sooo tired but refused my assistance in falling asleep as I tried to hold him and sing songs. Grandma saved the day by bringing down a sippy cup and his blanket from the hotel room. I could get him to sit still in the chair if he was in it by himself and if he was eating some cookie stick waffers. So I watched him from the corner of my eye to keep him in ready supply of cookies until he finally nodded off. It only took about 4 sticks. 

Around 3 or so, we called it a day at the beach and walked back to the hotel to swim in the pool in the shade. I had noticed the boys getting red around their lower back and I thought it was just rubbing from the blow-up rings they were sitting in all afternoon. But... turns out it was sunburn. UGH! Everyone got bad sunburns in very weird patches. I thought I was doing so good on this! I blame it on the spray sunscreen.

I made all of our dinners before hand so they could just be put the in crock pot in the morning and then they'd be ready for us whenever we got back to the hotel to eat them. Frozen meatballs and rice, Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches (that was just warmed up in the microwave), and taco soup. We had bagged salads with all of them and opened a can of green beans or canned peaches or pears with some of the others. It saved us alot of money and stress of taking the tired kids to restaurants.  I should've brought garbage bags to help contain all the mess and also I wish I would've remembered to bring something for the kids to play with in the hotel room... but whatever.. the TV worked. 

Each night one of the kids got to sleepover with Grandma in her hotel room. (Except Freddy who woke up in the middle of most nights and needed to finish off the night with Chris and I in our bed).

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