Saturday, May 14, 2016

Getting ready, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters

I had a few days to recover and clean the house and get ready for a Fathers and Sons camp out, a YW fundraising dinner, and our upcoming Florida beach / Space Center trip with my mom! Freddy was excellent shopping buddy. Well, at least he was a super cute shopping buddy. Its getting increasingly more difficult to shop with him now that he refuses to sit in the front of the cart. 

I am fairly happy with how clean I got the house and how much cooking I was able to get done in those few days. My mom hasn't seen the new addition and I was excited to show her our house and yard. Also, I prepared most of our meals for the following week and got a big pot of Brunswick stew ready to bring to the YW fundraising dinner. 

The Fathers and Sons camp out was a stake-wide thing and so it was at a campground about 1 and 1/2 hours away. They left right after school on Friday and Gwen helped me finish stuff up around the house. 

Gwen and I planned to have a little girls night and last minute we thought to invite some friends over. My friend and I just chatted as I finished the soup while the girls played around. I was suprised how quiet and how tidy the house  remained.. even with the same total number of kids... just girls instead of boys. :)  We had left over pizza for dinner and made muddy buddies for dessert. Then I painted the girls nails and had a dance party to Frozen songs. I let Gwen stay up super late and we fell asleep in my bed watching one of Gwen's favorite shows on netflix. 

Chris texted me the next morning and told me that despite getting to bed super late, Freddy was up with the sun just after 5:00am. He did a really good job going to sleep and staying in his sleeping bag though.  I texted him back a picture of Gwen still sleeping next to me at 7:30am. 

Then Gwen and I set out to finish cleaning, doing the laundry, making meals and packing. We had the YW fundraiser for dinner where Alec won a HUGE cupcake at the cake walk and then we left straight from there to the local airport to pick up my mom!  It was SO FUN to watch her walk off the plane and have all of us lined up with our faces against the window ready to welcome her with lots of hugs. I love my mom so much. I'm glad she could make the time to come out and go to Florida with us.  Even though it was dark a little late (2 nights in a row for the kids) we still enjoyed showing her around the house. My mom always gives such good reactions. 

Fun, sunny, Florida times just a 12 hour drive away!

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dixie said...

Love love love all these new posts. So happy to see great pictures and all your smiling faces and beautiful yard! Miss you.