Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Girls trip with Jess and Sandra! Mothers Day

Jess (my cousin) and Sandra (our best friend from Highschool) and I rarely get to see each other. Maybe 3 times in the last 12 years? We started talking about a girls trip a while ago and never could get dates picked for sure or anything but then somehow it just sort worked out and before I knew it, I had tickets bought and it was actually happening! We decided to meet up in Las Vegas and stayed at Jess' parents house there for the weekend. It was actually cheaper for me to fly to and from Pheonix and drive up and back to Vegas with Jess. It was really fun to see Jess' house and meet her kids and see her older sister.  I mentioned that I had been wanting to cut my hair and Jess got all excited for a makeover since she has a good  and talented hair cutting friend. 

Whew! It was really scary for me to cut sooo much off, I'm really glad to have a trusted stylist and an experienced Jess around to show me how in the world to deal with short hair on my own.  She showed me the wonders of dry shampoo, round brushes, texturizing spray, hair spray, mousse, salt spray, wavy curls etc... 

After a hair cut, some shopping at taget and a big salad for lunch we dropped her kids off at a friends and started the 5 hour drive to Las Vegas!! We talked and grabbed dinner and drove straight to the airport in perfect time to pick Sandra! After figuring out the terminal stuff and getting yelled at by the crazy parking lady police we finally arrived at Jess' parents house. It was BEAUTIFUL! We chatted on the couch eating chips and special waters for a bit but still got to bed in good time. Jessica is 5 months pregnant and we were all tired.  We 'slept in' until 7:30 (which is actually sleeping in for Sandra who gets up regularly at 4:00am to drive up to Seattle to work) and exercised then showered and got ready to eat brunch. Then we had massages scheduled at 1:00. HEAVEN. 

Then we hit the outlet mall. For 5 hours. Which is a really long time to shop for me and I loved every second of it. Turns out I'm a size smaller than I thought and not having children to get back to, or a smiling-but-kind-of-not-smiling-husband holding all the bags makes for a super fun shopping trip. That and not really having discussed with Chris a budget allowance beforehand. 

Then we ate at In and Out for dinner and came home and talked some more, used Jess' awesome Gel machine to paint each others nails. The next morning we went on a hike. Who knew there was a really cool red rock park 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas?! It was awesome! We did the 'medium' hike that took a few hours. The path was hard to follow and had some rock climbing-type spots. We wondered what the 'difficult' hikes were like! 

The top/end had this awesome view of the valley. You can kind of see huge Las Vegas buildings in the background. It started raining and was a little chilly and then we heard some thunder. Perfect timing to be 1/2 way back to the car. 

We showered and got dressed up and got pedicures.  Then we did our expensive, fancy dinner at the M buffet. Holy cow, that food was GOOD. We accidentally got there just an hour before it closed but it didn't matter because our stomachs were full after just 30 minutes. We had done a really good job of not over eating or over treating all weekend long. It was fun to taste a little bit of all kinds of food and dessert. 

Then we came home, shopped online (Hello! Jane.com) and settled into the couch for a few episodes of TLC "Say Yes to the Dress." We had to be up early to get Sandra to the airport and then Jess and I got an early start on the drive back to Phoenix. It was Mothers Day (not something we realized when we scheduled the trip) but we got Jess back in time to go to her church ward and see her kids sing.  Then her husband Dave (and Jess) cooked a yummy Sunday dinner and we got another early bedtime since my flight left at 5:30am Monday morning.  Dave drove me to the airport and I BARELY made it in time to check my bag. Whew. 

Chris and Freddy met me at the airport in Memphis since the other kids were still in school. When we got home 3 hours later Chris had dinner going in the crock pot and the house clean and the table set for a nice m Mother's day dinner. He is so good to me....even if all he said when he first saw my haircut was.. "Its short." hahaha. I'm teasing him. Its just so not my usual look that it took some getting used to, but he was really complimentary over the following week or so. 

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