Sunday, May 1, 2016

Library, mega rain, 2 yr. old antics

We went to a special presentation at the library on bats after school one day.  Kinda gross, kinda cool. Frederick is getting more independent and vocal about his opinions. He's learned how to scream in anger and throw huge fits. Its great. I don't even remember what he was crying about in this picture..probably because he demanded candy or chocolate and I wouldn't give it to him at 9:00 in the morning. 

He's also started strongly resisting naps. He won't stay in bed and often falls asleep on the floor RIGHT behind the door (which has a child lock duct taped on).. sometimes with his fingers poking under the door.  On Sundays (when the other kids are home and noisy) its hard for him to fall asleep at all. One particular Sunday he didn't fall asleep and our dinner was pushed back a bit because some awesome family friends dropped by some cupcakes they made for Charlie to tell him he was 'right on target' because they saw him stand up to his friends who were throwing rocks at the church building (after throwing only 2 rocks himself) by saying "Hey guys we shouldn't do this" and when they didn't listen he walked away from them). That was a sweet experience and a wonderful run-on sentence to lead up to telling that Freddy fell asleep eating dinner. 

We decided our next project in the yard would be to finish up current ones by ordering more rocks to level out  and set large stones in the space between the guest house and the garage. I guess 8 yards is a LOT of rocks so now we'll also start making a few extra parking spots off the side of the driveway and put some rocks around the deck out back and do a perimeter of rocks around the entire house... and we'll still probably have some rocks left. The guy delivering the rocks wasn't sure he had the right house because we had a cement driveway... I think he assumed a load this big of rocks was for a big gravel driveway. 

The day after getting our rocks put in between the garage and guest house and making that drain better to the pipe going under the playground we got torrential rain and flooded everything. We had rocks all in that pipe and bark all over the grass and water all over the bball court. We really need to get gutters... although I think when we get that big of a storm, there's nothing to stop the flooding. We had water over almost 1/2 of our garage floor and everything. 

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