Friday, June 24, 2016

Swimming lessons and Lake TiakOKhata

We signed the kids up for one week of swimming lessons during the 3rd full week of summer. Freddy was too young for the class and it was almost torture for him to watch the other kids swim and not get in the pool too. My genius idea to put Freddy in the child care there at the gym while I worked out during the lessons was a total bust since the childcare place was closed during that time. The class divided up on the first day into two groups, Alec in the older group and Charlie and Gwen in the younger. I was so surprised how much the kids improved in just 1 week. Charlie and Gwen even swam half way down the pool all on their own! 

The swimming teacher said they all pretty much get the gist of swimming and just need practice so we made a few trips to the lake during the summer to follow orders. :) Lake Tiak-o-Khata is an awesome lake about 40 minutes away with water slides going into the roped off swimming area, docks with diving boards and a basketball hoop and free, first come, first serve lounge chairs and even some umbrellas.  The kids could've stayed there all day. 

We met Gwen's good friend from Kindergarten, Ashlynne there for her birthday one time, and then randomly ran into her there another time. So fun!

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