Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baby shower, golfing, GiGi, and haircuts

The day before the Betteridge Reunion started we threw a babyshower for Estefi since her little boy, Tommy was due just a few weeks after the reunion. It was an "Oh, the places he'll go"  / "Hello world" theme. Tiff had popcorn in little bags that said, "ready to pop!" all cute, and lots of yummy 'international' food: Mexican Pork Salad, chocolate croissants, quiches, Greek yogurt parfait, Italian sodas, and chocolate brownies with airplanes stuck on the top. 

Sarah and I were in charge of games and I brought the ultrasound game that I've used at various showers in the past 6 years, a 'get-to-know-estefi-better' questionnaire, and a little mini Mommy Olympics. Everyone who came got one of 3 colors of a cute hair-tie bracelet thing that automatically divided them up into teams. Then when it came time to play the game they could nominate one person to send up to compete for their country. We had 3 events: "in the car one handed back hand carseat fruit snack toss" - for when you're driving in the car and need to accurately toss a fruit snack to a carful of kids, a "tied up knees ball drop" - for when you're making dinner and trying to maneuver around the kitchen with a toddler wrapped up around your knees crying to be held, and a 'fast food drive through order' - for when you're trying to listen to 4 kids talk to you at once and keep track of all the changes they make to various components of their meal selection at a drive through.  They all turned out well, simple, interesting, and optional.  I had all the kids with me (who all just watched a movie next door at Jared and Ashley's with Grandpa and other dads/kids) because Chris got to go golfing with his dad. He hadn't played in a long time but he played really really well! I love how happy he is when he gets to do something he loves and does it well.

The morning before we all gathered in Layton for the reunion, we took an hour or two to visit with Chris' Grandma. I keep expected her to seem all of a sudden older or something as she's over 90.. but she still looks the same! She just received some horrible news about her house. The city needs to remove -- as in demolish-- it (and all the other houses on his side of the street) because they're expanded the main road that goes right along the front of her yard. Apparently the city voted and its a done deal and she's got no choice. That's the house Chris' dad grew up in and she's lived a widow there for 25 or so years.  Since she lives at the end of the road, she thinks she may get to stay there for another year or two or three (in her words), "if I can last that long". The garden in her backyard is a symbol and a current demonstrator of her life's work as she still keeps it up. So. So. Sad. I think they should keep the garden and set it up as a community garden or mini park in honor of her. 

I gut Chris' hair to look all nice for family pictures. :) We tried out a conservative mullet mohawk. Looks normal from the front, but its a party in the back.   Oh, Chris. 

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