Sunday, July 17, 2016

Girls camp

I was looking forward to girls camp this year but also stressing a bit for it because I didn't really feel like I knew what was going on and I was supposed to be the Stake Assistant Camp Director. Its hard living so far away from other areas of the stake because its hard to coordinate everyone shoulders more than one calling and so everybody seems to operate on a most last minute 'whats-the-next-thing-on-my-plate' kind of planning schedule not because we're procrastinators but because the human brain can't be in so many mental states/worlds at once. (at least thats how I feel).  So I was able to get there early early and stay almost to the bitter end so I have a much better idea of how an entire camp week flows. I've been told I would be the next Stake Camp Director in the coming years.  The first night was just with some Stake Leaders, the cooks and the YCL's... and we had laid back meals and activities... but mostly just set up and prepared the camp. I got to sleep in the air conditioned leaders building this year (well for all but 1 of the nights) and it was fun to bond more with the ladies I've been working with. Its interesting how sleeping in the same room as someone really does bring your closer. 

Our first night with just the YCL's was the most beautiful sunset. We lit off these cool lanturns and I held my breath that we wouldn't start a forest fire as we saw them sail miles away in the sky over the half-woods, half-farms countryside. Luckily we've had some steady rainfall the past month so I worried a little less than if it had been bone dry.

One of my favorite parts of camp is hanging out with my 'daughters' from my trek group last summer. Jessica, Madelyn, and Emma Grace.

Also I loved working with my old Stake YW presidency buddies. Allison has some of the most beautiful hair I've ever had the pleasure of braiding. So thick and soft and clean (even at camp!). Jessica let me practice on her hair too. 

The first night was dutch oven dinners which is always good and we spaced the skits out this year across the week. (not sure that was a hit, but it did break up the LONG night of watching skit after skit). The YW from my branch memorized the YW theme in sign language. Really impressive. 

We had an out-of-stake special speaker one night, and passed out these glow LED balloons and spelled our the letters: Be The Light. Then we had a spontaneous sing-along session in the dark with our glowing paraphernalia. A lot of the stuff this year wasn't planned exactly but ended up being great. It stormed one who afternoon and we had a dance party in the pavilion again. An awesome way to tire everyone out. The ropes course was open to all the years this year (something I was pushing for) and I was in charge of making sure we had enough workers to keep it safe for everyone (we've had some injuries in the past). It was a lot of fun and I was able to rock climb and rappel for the first time and go through the course twice. 

Me and some of the girls and a few leaders goofing off with masks one night. Its kinda crazy how much you can love people without really knowing them for very long or being able to see them very often. One of the cool things about the way the church is organized is how we get the chance to serve with people you would never have been able to otherwise... doing things you would never have asked to do, or even thought you wanted to do... and yet you come away happier, stronger, deeper and with meaningful relationships. 

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