Monday, July 11, 2016

Gwen's birthday

Happy Happy Birthday, Dear Gweny! We had a quick and easy breakfast in bed: cereal with chocolate poptarts and berries because we all had early meetings at church. Chris leaves at 6:45 and the kids and I need to leave at 7:30.  Grandma and Grandpa were able to watch her open their gifts before church: new pink cowboy boots and books! Then I took the kids to church and they played in the nursery, like normal, while Chris and I have Branch Council, like normal... we get a break for 1 Sunday a month. 

Grandma and Grandpa had to leave right after sacrament meeting so they could see Thom and Brittany's kids before they went to bed so they couldn't eat cake with us but it was so helpful to have them stay and help me with the kids during sacrament meeting (the kids are all at really tricky ages for sitting kindly and quietly for 75 minutes). Gwen was concerned about them not getting cake and wanted to make a few cupcakes to send with them. Which would've been really nice if I would've remembered to do that!

She requested a chocolate crown cake with chocolate jewels and pink frosting. 

In keeping with our pact this year about no birthday gifts or spending money on parties, we celebrated by letting her choose the activities to do that afternoon. She had us all think of ideas and then she picked which ones to do. We did a scavenger hunt, played a game, and then pampered her with simultaneous hand / foot massages, painting nails and playing with hair.  She LOVED that part how we were all treating her really nice at the same time. Charlie painted her nails, Alec played with her hair, Chris massaged her hands and I did her feet and Freddy filling in the gaps. :) She sighed to herself, "This is the best day ever!" as she sunk back into the bean bag. 

We love our talkative, sing-songy, sometimes shy, helpful, playful, joke-loving, huggy, emotional Gwen. She currently loves My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, fairies, skirts, riding bikes, swinging high, and playing with her brothers. 

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