Sunday, July 31, 2016

UT to MS via St.Louis

We got a message from Chris' cousin Steve and his wife, Barb  that they were going to be driving near Starkville on the way to a reunion in July and thought it would be fun to meet up. Turns out their travel dates were the EXACT same travel dates for us going to UT for my family's reunion. We were super bummed that it wouldn't work out until we realized that if we timed our drives just right, we could both be near St. Louis around the same time (if we took a route that was just an hour or two longer). We agreed to meet in St. Louis Sunday morning. Chris and I drove all day Saturday and through the night and arrived early Sunday morning with enough time to eat a picnic breakfast and change next to the temple grounds and attend a sacrament meeting for a 1/2 hour or so before meeting Steve and Barb by the famous Arch. 

We talked outside on the grass for a while before deciding to both stay long enough to take a tour up to the top of the Arch. The whole area was under construction so we had to walk/stand A LOT and there was practically no shade around, but it was so much fun to be catching up with our old friends that it was a pleasant experience. There was a long wait for the tour but again, with so much to catch up on it was entertaining (although the kids were very much at the end of their rope). Our family just fit perfectly in the little cars that go up inside the arch's legs.


I'm glad we didn't have to walk on stairs up to the top and I'm glad that I'm not claustrophobic... it was a pretty small space on a rickety-ish feeling ride quite close to the thin looking walls that kept us from the dropping to the ground.

It was a nice break from driving and so fun to see our friends and see their kids. Then we walked back to the cars and headed the rest of the way home. 

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