Monday, August 8, 2016

Anthony and Amberly!

My cousin, Anthony lives in Louisiana flying planes for the Air Force. Chris and I have stopped by his house a couple of times on our way down to Texas to visit Thom and Brittany and they fed us lunch and gave us a good place to stretch our legs and let our kids play. He had some training in Alabama for a month and realized our house was a good half-way point in between him and his family, so they met at our house for the weekend to spend some time together and with us.  Anthony and Amberly's kids are so cute. Gwen and Leona get along so well, and James plays well with Charlie and Alec, and then cute little Susie just walks around and Freddy and her like to stare at each other. 

Anthony helped Chris out front get the drainage ditch dug and filled with rocks. We didn't warn Anthony ahead of time so he didn't have good mud-able shoes, so he went barefoot for 1/2 of the time. Amberly is one of those wonderful people who have to clean in order to stay sane, so... despite the added 5 people in our home for the weekend.. our house never looked so good!  And the healthy smoothies she made may have jumped started a healthy smoothie kick for our family! Hot pink smoothies with beets, coconut water, carrots, cashews and strawberries.. it actually tastes delicious.  Aside from getting free labor, we really enjoyed having them stay because they're so fun to talk to and hang out with. 

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