Friday, August 5, 2016

First day of school!

 Having got back into town on Sunday night late, Monday consisted of shopping for school supplies, groceries, unpacking, etc.. Tuesday I kept my friend's 4 year old all day and was the kids open house where we could drop off all the school supplies and find their classrooms and meet their teachers. Gwen's teacher just had a baby a few weeks prior and was going to still be on maternity leave for the first month of school.  Also during these last days before school I was really focused on getting my preschool set up: advertising with more flyers and social media posts, putting together organizing cabinets we bought at IKEA out west, and putting supplies in the right place.

 Thursday was the first day of school! I was watching my friend's child again (because his preschool didn't start until the next week) Alec in 4th grade (wow, that sounds so old), Charlie in 2nd grade and Gwen in 1st grade. Last Spring the next door County School District failed some kind of Diversified Ethnicity benchmark set by the national government and the final out come was for Starkville City School District to absorb the schools in the East County. (which is a little ironic because it just makes our school district less ethnically diverse but I guess not low enough to be in violation of the National benchmark or something.   Anyway, to accommodate the influx of students our school district decided to make room at Sudduth Elementary for the new kindergarten and first graders by sending all second graders to the next school: Henderson Ward Stewart with the 3rd and 4th graders and open a new school just for 5th graders at the old Overstreet buildings and I guess the Jr. High (6-8) and High school (9-12) basically remain the same.  Anyway.. this means that Alec and Charlie go to one school, and Gwen goes to another. It also means that in a few years when Freddy is in Kindergarten, I'll have 4 kids in 4 different schools.

Because of how CRAZY traffic is around and in between the two schools during the first week or two of school we have to leave our house BEFORE 7:00am to get all the kids to school on time. Chris and I tag team and he drives and waits in the drop off line while I walk the kids into their classrooms. Traffic is so bad that I can get back out to Chris before his line gets out of the school parking lot (at least at HWS). Charlie is the only one who will let me take a picture with him and his teacher.  I'm glad that I know this crazy traffic will last only a few weeks, and in a month or so, Chris will be able to leave the house a few minutes after 7, and drop off by himself at both schools and be to work by 7:40. Both schools start and end at the exact same time. 

I'm on my own for after school pick up...but its not as bad as morning drop off because more kids ride the bus than in the morning.  I have to leave my house around 2:30 and get home around 3:45. It can be frustrating at times, but again, after the first few weeks, pick up moves fast enough that I can leave at 2:50 and get us all home at 3:30. 

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