Friday, August 19, 2016


Despite decent efforts to get my preschool going, (evening changing days, lowering the age, and cost) I didn't get any takers for this year. I kept enrollment open for all of August and decided to just start teaching still (just me and Freddy) since Freddy has been really looking forward to it and it'll be good practice and helpful to feel out the routine I was planning on using. Freddy and I had fun the first few days. In fact, the first day I did the entire day's plan and Freddy just looked up at me with such love and interest, I can easily guess his thoughts, "Wow!! Mom is playing with JUST ME for 3 whole hours!! THIS IS SO FUN!!" 

 He entered the classroom with a backpack on, found his cubby, did our attendance activity, free played with toys for a bit, sat on the carpet squares for circle time, did the calendar, days of the week, and weather. We read books and sang songs and did large motor activities about our bodies. Then we went outside for recess and came back in for snack and an art activity and finished with some more songs and books. 

Freddy was super cute and when it was all over and we finished singing our goodbye song, he said, "Do it again! Your turn, Mommy!" And he pushed me out the door with his backpack and for the next 20 minutes mimicked EXACTLY what I did (welcoming me in, sitting by the chalkboard, pointing to the calendar and saying random numbers, reading me a book, and taking me to the table for snack...) hahaha. He is so adorable and we had a lot of fun. 

The kids are so sweet and ask Freddy all about his preschool when they come home and play with some of the things we've left out.

As the weeks went by without anyone signing up for this year, I got less and less motivated and Freddy's and my preschool got less and less involved until its pretty much stopped.

I have mixed feelings. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to put good use in my classroom that I spend so much time and thought setting up (and that I'm really excited to use!).  I'm sad that I won't be bringing in some extra money every month, and I'm a little embarrassed that either nobody is interested in what I thought was a good idea, or that my advertising skills are so terrible.   On the bright side, I feel relieved to just be able to focus on normal life (which is actually quite full and rewarding as is), and I'm really happy with how the playroom is now organized and ready for all kinds of play (my kids LOVE it) and its gotten me to play more with Freddy.  Plus.. there's always next year!

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