Monday, September 5, 2016

Fun with friends

While Chris was gone, I took the kids to the lake to have one last hurrah before it closed for the summer and Lauren moved away with her cute boys.  I really needed some time to vent and chat with some girl friends and to do something fun with the kids... two birds, one stone.. its so efficient and that makes me so happy! Before we left, I let the kids have Buy Day and they purchased some snorkeling masks for less than $.50 each at the dollar store -  and they actually worked! The kids played with them allll afternoon. Best $1.50 I ever spent. We also got cheetoh puffs and candy corns. Like I said, I was needing some comfort. 

I watched my friend's son again and loved how well he and Freddy got along.. despite being almost 2 years older. They even took naps together in the same room. Cutest Super Hero's ever. Benny let Freddy borrow the batman mask and cape and it feels like he hasn't taken it off for two weeks. 

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