Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Ugh. I thought we were good from the first-month-of-school sicknesses when Freddy and Gwen had a little cold (which for Freddy turned into an ear infection) and the boys each took a turn staying home from school with a tummy ache. Some friends from church had lice at the beginning of summer, I checked my kids... nothing! Then more friends got it at the beginning of the school year, I checked my kids... nothing! Whew! Then two days after our big Open House craziness Charlie came down from being tucked in bed and said his head itched, I checked and found some bugs. AHHHH!!!! I felt like a huge boulder had being dropped in my stomach. I'm not old enough to have kids with lice. I don't know what I'm doing! Chris went out to get some lice shampoo and I checked the rest of the kids who were awake (nothing). I buzzed Charlie's head and treated it with the shampoo and sent him to bed to deal with the rest in the morning. 

Just to be safe, we kept all the kids home from school and treated and checked them. I found 2 bugs on Freddy and maybe? some nits on Alec and Gwen?  I spent the rest of the day trying not to collapse in despair and started the giant task of sanitizing the house. I never thought I would hate the big spaces in our house, but when you feel like there could be little bugs all over anything that could have come in contact with the kids heads (which when you have a 2 year old who likes to bury his head and blanket into EVERYTHING.. is EVERYWHERE)... the big house becomes a nightmare, not a dream. Exhibit A:

 Chris had more meetings that night and the next day was set to leave for the weekend to go help with Mormon Helping Hands the massive flood victims in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  So it felt like I had to deal with everything on my own. It was rough. I let the kids watch TV all day in an attempt to separate the 'possibly contaminated rooms' from the 'just cleaned rooms'. 

The silver lining in all this was how much I actually enjoyed Freddy's hair cut. It wasn't immediate. I missed his cute long hair, but Gwen kept calling him Andrew because he looks like my sister's boy of the same name and for some reason that was funny enough to be endearing and uplifting.  I shared the story on the Slack App that my family uses for communicated and file sharing. Tiff wanted a picture so I asked Freddy to smile for the camera:

His post-nap-on-the-floor-since-he's-been-watching-tv-all-day response was, 'No, Mommy! I watching a moo-mie!"

Blessedly, I think we must have caught it quick because there wasn't hardly anything in most of the kids heads and Chris and I didn't get it. It only took a few weeks, but I think I'm finally done with all the lice laundry.


dixie said...

I remember doing these same things. Lice are the worst. Way to come through with flying colors.

Nicole Smith said...

Hey friend!! I randomly pulled up your blog this morning... so fun to "catch up" we recently had a lice problem. It's the worst, my anxiety was over the top!! Wish we could run and sit in the sunshine of the courtyard. Life is so much crazier now with 4 kids and church callings and a husband with a job instead of flexible student hours! Ahhh the good old days, that we spent dreaming of a house... miss you so much