Saturday, September 17, 2016

MSU Rugby Game

Some of the Young Single Adult guys in our branch play on State's Rugby team. Chris loves all sports and especially loves to cheer on people he knows. They play on the fields that are kind of close to our house so we decided to use this as chance to hop the back fence and check out all the construction work thats been going on back there for a long while now. They're building a road (and a side walk / bike path eventually) that will be the main southern entrance to campus. It will pass right along our back fence. I'm glad for the 30 feet of forest/trees/brush on our side of the property that will maintain our privacy and I'm really looking forward to easy, bike-able and run-able access to campus and other streets. 

It was sooo hot that day so the mile to a mile and a half walk was pretty brutal on the kids. We were glad to arrive but wished for more shade and water.  It was fun to be so close to the action right there on the sidelines and it was fun to cheer our friends on... even though we lost. (Funny thing was that after the game Chris started chatting with one of the other player's dads on the sidelines at the end of the game. By some communication error which we can't really understand, the guy came away with the idea that Chris PLAYED rugby at BYU.. and knowing that BYU has a really good rugby team, he encouraged his son to look Chris up and email him...which the son did and even went so far as to ask Chris to be a coach for the MSU team. HAHAHA.. totally awesome)

We decided that I would leave early and run back home to get the car and then drive and pick up everyone at the Rugby fields when the game ended. Charlie wanted to come with me so we half walked half ran home. Charlie made a quick detour to try and feed the horses some grass. Cute kid.

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