Friday, September 30, 2016

Busy Times

We started the boys in soccer this year, after taking a break last year. Alec is trying out the Academy soccer where he has 2, 1/2 hour practices a week and then maybe some tournaments in the spring.  His practices start at 6:00 and don't get over until after 7:30, so its a late night (bedtime starts at 7:00) but Chris usually takes him and tries to get some exercise in himself, while I put the rest of the kids to bed at home. I wasn't looking forward to Chris leaving for a work conference for a few days since that meant busy, late nights with all the stuff the kids are involved with.  Turns out the kids are old enough to be fairly self entertained with a big grassy field to run around in. 

I love how much my kids love playing with each other. They can be pretty loud and crazy and I'll often get looks or even comments like, "Are they always like this?" (Especially busy, crazy little Freddy) and sometimes I wish they would just SIT STILL like some kids and just play quietly on a phone, or sit quietly and eat a snack. But I just try and remember that their playful, creative, energetic, physically-coordinated little bodies will be such an asset to them later in life. At least that's what I tell myself ...

This has been a busy week with a friend who used to live in our Branch needing a place to stay for a week.  I really feel for her to be in such hard circumstances so I wanted to help and offered our home up. We are grateful to have a spacious and easily accommodating home and I promised to share it.  So between an extra house guest, hosting a lot of the Young Single Adult Family Home Evenings on Sunday, helping friends out with watching their kids for them or giving them rides places, another friend asking to live with us for a bit,  and Chris being gone, then him going all day to Nashville for another cancer check-up, and then my own doctors appointment in Birmingham to see the fertility doctors about using some of the sperm we banked with them before Chris' second fight with cancer. ... it has been busy and I felt near to bursting.  I really really feel good when I can be of service, and useful, but I got to a point where I told my exercising buddy and good friend, 'I just want a break from helping people.'  I kind of felt bad for saying it, but I think I needed to take a few days to find my center again.  I've been reading through my Mom's old journal and digitizing it by typing it out and she also struggled with knowing her limits. I guess its hereditary. I'm grateful for prayers, scriptures, and good books and TV shows to immerse myself in and get a break.

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