Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting Ready...

The weekend of Oct 22 will be a big one for us. We have Charlie's 8th birthday, baptism and the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation the next day. In anticipation of all the family coming in town for Charlie's baptism, I wanted to get some projects done around the house. It was perfect that the weekend before was our Fall Break so we had no school for Thursday and Friday. I guess I'm following in my Dad's footsteps when the thing that sounds the most fun to me is staying home and having a big project-a-thon. We finished the rocks in the front drainage area, planted some fall potted plants and painted some walls in the living room. We hung curtains in the living room, and sewed and hung curtains in our master bedroom. We painted the walls by the kitchen table and put together the bed frame in Charlie's room.  I also sewed together some sheets to make a duvet cover for our bed and ordered a king sized duvet filler, so we could move the queen one we've been using to Charlie's room for the guests to use.  We also made Charlie's baptism invitations and gave them out to everyone we could think of.  We didn't use the first one pictured below (where I hand-printed the words on a chalkboard at church) because Chris came through with an awesome looking one on his computer.

Also I had meetings to get ready for the program, seating arrangements to create, and a 'get ready' binder pages for the kids to look at to know when its their turn to come up to the microphone. I gave a color to every song, and the kids who had parts after the song were also assigned that color. So they had a song and a color to act as memory triggers. So far our practices have been really smooth. 

Also this week was homecoming week so the kids could dress up on the days they didn't have field trips. 

With Grandma Dixie getting here early, both Chris and I were able to chaperon field trips without taking Freddy. Gwen and I went to the Buffalo Park up in Tupelo and  Chris and Alec went to the Magic Wood program at MSU.

In other news, Gwen lost her first tooth!! The new one was growing in behind it so I was really anxious for the baby one to fall out and give the new tooth the right space. It took forever. Chris helped the tooth fairy (who is usually a few days late) write a note. She happened to come right on time for Gwen and left this cute note. Gwen walked around the whole next day telling friends at school (and I heard her musing to herself a few times), "My tooth fairy's name is Wendy". 

In other, totally sad and shocking news, we found out my nephew (my brother Justin's 2nd oldest) has Leukemia. He's only 9 years old (a week or two younger than Alec) and first exhibited a bad cough and weak/tired behavior. He was given the diagnosis of Pneumonia but after a week when the medicine wasn't quite working like it should, they did more blood work and within a day of finding that something looked suspicious they had a confirmed Leukemia diagnosis... starting chemo that very weekend. Carter's favorite color is green so to show our support, we're all wearing green on his Chemo days and sending him pictures of us cheering him on. Its going to be a terrible long road for them, and Chris and I feel so keenly their anguish and stress and shocking numbness. 

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