Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween and Potty Training

We started out the Halloween festivities with trick or treating to the sorority and fraternity houses on campus followed by a carnival on the quad.  Freddy was the cutest pirate I've ever seen (he kept the eye patch on the whole time!) Charlie was a dragon, Gwen was a princess, and Alec was a soccer player (perfect since we had to leave the carnival quite early so we could get him to his soccer practice). 

Then Friday before Halloween, Freddy and I helped with Gwen's class party:

Somewhere during this week, Freddy decided all on his own that he wanted to go in his potty so he could get some candy. He sat and sat for a long time and eventually did go! Hurray!  I'm not ready to really invest in staying home all the time so I'm still putting him in diapers all the time and only suggest every now and then if he wants to try and go on his potty. Notice the tape on Freddy's knee? He likes to play 'doctor' with me while we wait on the potty and take turns putting pieces of tape after hearing elaborate made up stories of how we got hurt. Charlie started the whole tape thing as a way to appease Freddy too-often requests for band aides whenever he gets bumped. 

Saturday we woke up early and got out of the door to finish setting up for the Branch Halloween Trunk or Treat and Carnival. (I had already been over to the church twice to try and set up but never had enough time to really get much accomplished). Then we went straight from setting up to tailgate at the MSU football game. We found coupons for $5 tickets since we have scouts in our family and therefore could afford to all go!

It was SO. HOT. What is with the 88 degree heat on the last weekend in October!! But the view and slight breeze from our tippy top seats was pretty awesome.

Then we left the game before half-time to arrive at the church barely on time to change into costumes and get ready with everybody there. The cub scouts, and YM/YW and some Activity Day girls and the Elders Quorum all set up some carnival games in the classrooms. Charlie chose to prepared by himself a blindfold 'pin the face on the pumpkin'

Alec did a 'Guess How Many' candycorn game. They both did so well staying happily at their stations helping the kids play and handing out candy.

Decorations were donated by a friend from the Branch who LOVES Halloween. The chili cook-off turned out good (even though my chili wasn't very good) and we had a good turn out of non-members, so thats always fun! The trunk or treating was good, we had designated parking spaces to avoid cars driving around all the kids and handed out glow sticks to all the kids.  Chris took the kids home and I stayed after to help clean up (along with ALOT of other non-primary people from the branch) We cleaned up so fast we were done by 7:30!! Whew. I'm so glad its over and I'm glad it turned out so well. I wish more people we invited came, but Miss Black came again, so that was very fun. I loved wearing my old costume from a Multi-Stake multicultural youth dance event. I'm not exactually sure what it was, but I told everyone I was a cuckoo clock girl.

By Monday the 31st, we finally had time to carve pumpkins and ate left over chili before driving over to a friend's place to go trick or treating. We already had so much candy at home from our previous parties that we only did like 10 houses and then called it quits.  This time Alec was a grim reaper kind of dude, Charlie was wolverine, Gwen the princess and Freddy: Superman.

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dixie said...

Loved hearing more about your Trunk or Treat! Wow. I love that the kids wear a different costume every time you dress up. Amazing!