Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pumpkin patch

One of the new friends in Gwen's class this year (who is also in her ballet class) had a birthday party at Country Pumpkins about 40 minutes North East from Starkville. We took the whole family and it was really fun. They seem to add new activities every year. Most of the things are free and a few things you have to buy tickets to do.  

The corn box is always a favorite with all kids:

The tire swings are super awesome. I keep thinking we should make one and put it in our yard. 

I think the last time we came here as a family, Chris offered to stay in the car with a sleeping Freddy for most of the time, so it was really fun to be all together at it. I feel like its been a while since we did something "fun" as a family. I love being all together out and about....especially in places that are built for my busy kids to run around. 

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