Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Art in the Park

I forget how we found out about this, but one Saturday they had this Art Festival at the biggest park in town. I think this was the second year they did it and we all thought it was TONS of fun. My only complaint is the heat. Boy was it hot and muggy that day. They had all these tents set up with volunteers to let the kids DO all kinds of Art:  music (with instruments of all kinds), karaoke, dance - even a dance-off competition, drama with dress ups, poetry and language with word blocks, clay, painting, drawing, beading, string art. It was all free and it was all awesome. 

I only planned to stay for an hour or so, but we stayed the whole time.. through lunch time even though we didn't pack a lunch.  I was really pleased to see my kids enjoy trying so many new things and also I was glad that they worked hard in the morning to get their Saturday jobs done so they could come with me.

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